Sunday, 25 November 2012

Just Bitten

I'm loving the berry and plum lip colours that can be seen in every magazine and catwalk this winter and thought i'd give the vamp lip a go for myself!

I've got a few lip products that fill the bill...

From left: Dior 'prune smoking', Bobbi Brown 'plum pearl', YSL Rouge Volupte 'mysterious red' and Dior ultra-gloss 'flash'

The Dior lipgloss has got shimmery deep berry glitter in it which looks AMAZE over almost any reds/plums and intensifies their colour quite dramatically. I've put it over the Dior & YSL lippy below.

In same order as above listing, with no flash.

No flash but Dior & YSL swatches have had the Dior gloss coated over them.

With flash and gloss over Dior & YSL

As you can see, the Dior gloss really brings out the colour of the 'prune smoking' and 'mysterious red' shades. I've never worn the gloss on its own, I prefer it as an intensifying gloss over berry lipsticks. The Bobbi Brown shade is very sheer but can be built up slightly with a few coatings but still very vamp. My fave for a rather matte dark lip is the Dior 'prune smoking' - very odd name but it's perfect for the glam goth look for a/w12. It still has a slight sheen which I like, as I can't seem to carry off the 100% matte shades that are about. 

Are you trying out the just bitten look this winter? There's a shade for everyone... Give it a go and be sure to post a pic for me to see :)

Just bitten lips... YSL 'Mysterious Red' with a lashing of Dior 'Flash' gloss.

Bite me.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Selfridges Lucky Bag

The Selfridges 'Lucy Bag'...
High end department store, Selfridges, launched their version of a beauty lucky dip bag - the Lucky Bag on the 13th of November 2012. Only 1000 were available and 100 extra lucky bags contain a £150 beauty workshop giftcard... It just too much temptation for a beauty junkie like me!

So, was mine of the extra lucky bags?...

Is your bag one of the 100 extra lucky bags? 

 Unfortunately not. But I'm still very happy with the contents of my bag anyway! Here's what I got...

In order of my faves:

  1. Blink brow shape voucher worth £17 (can use on something else up to that value)
  2. Beauty Junky non-drying mud mask
  3. Dermalogica microfoliant
  4. Tweezerman matchbox 'itty bitty' nail files
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 'Lip Tar' in penny royal
  6. Anatomicals 'snog me senseless' mints
  7. Mouchoirs novelty pack of tissues

I couldn't wait to try the face mask so I ran a bath and stuck it on pronto! Smells gorge and so refreshing - think this is the ginseng? Usually don't bother with moisturising masks but this one doesn't feel oily when you rinse off, not at all heavy but definitely does the job. Super soft and supple skin is mine! Perfect start to my long weekend :)

By far my fave is the Blink Brow Bar voucher for a free brow shape... I've had my brows done by blink once before when I was in Manchester, in fact, they popped my threading cherry, and it was the best experience i've had so far, but I just don't get to go back as often as I would like so I've been going to a local salon since. They really do know what they are doing and take their time when doing it. It made my eyes look wide awake and framed my face perfectly. So! I'm going to wait a little longer and get my brows done next in Manchester in a few weeks so that they can be perfect and ready for my work's Xmas party. 

Loving the handbag friendly beauty essentials in this bag. The mints, little nail files and tissues are cute and handy to pop in my handbags without cluttering them. Nobody wants gnarly nails and honking breath during the party season!

Excited to try the Dermalogica product... Only downside is it seems a bit messy? Upon opening mine it was all spilling so I quickly stuck the lid on again.

Definitely worth signing up for the email notifications when Selfridges sound out notifications that they are doing these limited edition beauty bags, they usually sell out fast and you really get your moneys worth.

Much love xoxo

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Summertime Sadness...

"Kiss me hard before you go, summertime sadness. 
I just wanted you to know that, baby, you the best"

Lana Del Rey

Goodbye short shorts and sun...
Hello hoodies and hot chocolate ;)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Beach Bum

Is there anything better than listening to the lull of waves on a sun drenched beach? Silly question ;)

Fuerteventura 2012

Jandia Beach, Fuerteventura


Steep stairs on the cliffs to get to and from the beach...

Chanel's Miami Peach polish - perfect for summer/tans (behind is Nouvelle!)
Vogue - perfect poolside reading
I successfully avoided odd tan lines in this Asos badboy! Tip: only wear after you get a tan.

Some of the beachy essentials I used

I love sun protection products that smell of summer holidays... Do you have a favourite brand for that summer scent?

For me, the Dior sun range smells like pure heaven! Quite light and exotic. Pure luxe! But if you're after something a little less expensive then i'd recommend Hawaiian Tropic... also smells divine and I loved the new silk hydration sun lotion. Skin was so soft after using this product and not at all heavy - it just sinks in - a must have! I need to get it in a higher factor though, as the sample is only spf15. No point wasting your money on anything below spf 20 I don't think. I usually go with 50 in the few few days and 30 for the latter half of the hol. If you hate feeling greased up after applying sun lotion I'd go for Soltan's Invisable sun spray as it's mega light and non greasy; like a dry oil. Only problem is it can stain lighter bikinis and leave a yellowish tinge if rubbed against before it fully soaks in. The St Tropez after sun was a little disappointing - not very moisturising and the smell just didn't do it for me :( The gradual tan sold it to me originally but won't buy again.
Remember to protect your hair whilst on your jols - I LOVE Redken's 'sparkling shield' oil spray... It has gold particles in to keep your hair extra shiny and nourished in the sun. Deep hair conditioning masks are vital for holiday hair if you want to keep frizz at bay - take sachets instead of the tub to save room if you're a serial over-packer like yours truly here. The best advice I can give for keeping your hair looking swishy and smooth abroad is kind of lame to some people but true all the same - keep your hair out of the smelly chlorine in swimming pools. That stuff wrecks hair, especially important if you have got lightened hair or coloured in general.

Muchos love xoxo

Sunday, 1 July 2012

My hair so far....

You can see the warmth towards the ends of my hair where there is a lot of colour build up.

Kind of looks like an accidental reverse ombre being lighter at the top and darker on the lengths.
Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray, Redken Extreme CAT spray and Vevlvet Whip
This is my result so far after two trips to the hair salon for a full set of highlights to be put my through hair. It's all going to be plan so far, I was expecting a lot of brassiness and it's actually quite toned - no bright ginger anywhere that I can see. There's definitely warmth that my iPhone doesn't pick up so great but you can see in the first picture where the light hits the ends. I've had years of semi perm violet dark browns run through my hair since I last went blonde at 16. 

I'm due back for my third 'blonding' appointment soon but I think that one will be quite drastic now that  most of my hair has been bleached and lightened from the almost black starting colour. I'm also going to give my hair a break after this next bleaching for quite a few months, and then only get the roots done and just let my hair grow through with the blonder bits. I don't want to go bald! So i'm really hoping it lightens up nicely when I'm next in. 

I took a pic of the three products that i'm loving since I've started getting my hair lightened - lifesavers! The Moroccan oil spray gives my hair some shine again, which it has really been lacking during this process. So smoothing too! The Redken extreme range is a must for anyone with chemically treated hair, if you only buy one product from that range, I'd suggest this spray. Just spritz on hair whilst in the bath before shampooing for a few minutes and shampoo out for super soft hair. The Velvet Whip serum smells divine and again helps with the frizz caused by the bleaching and you only need to use a small blob so it lasts forever, well worth the money. 

Apologies, I'm totally checking out my cleavage on the 2nd piccie haha.

Ciao bellas xo

Monday, 4 June 2012

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Update 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

I'm suitably stuffed with choccie and sat on my bed with some spare time to do a little update post on the things getting me excited this month. So here goes!

Marina & The Diamonds - SO excited for her new album! And her hair... that girl can rock the blue rinse! Her hair was so dark to start with, if she can get that light, so can I! - Maybe not platinum though... 

Zara Martin - so pretty. Love her style and hair. I'm hoping to don a crop top or two this summer like the bottom right piccie.

Bronzing powders. This is my latest lust-have product - Guerlain's Sun In The City. Very sheer and golden, will look PERF on a proper tan! EEE nearly summer :P
Sequinned mini dresses a la Topshop.... Look at those sparkles baby!

Read when you are summer ;)


Monday, 26 March 2012

Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle in Pale Gold Hardware...

My name is Emma, and i'm a bagaholic.
 Bagsnob? Whatever you want to call it, I LOVE my handbags.

I've had a lot of people asking about my Wang bag lately, and I like nothing better than a chit chat about bags so here we go! Sorry if I start to ramble ;) 

Firstly, some piccies...

Alexander Wang Rocco w/ Pale Gold hardware

Even my nails match the studs! Nerd.
I was in love with this bag the very first time I clapped eyes on it in Harvey Nichols, Manchester. It was the original; black pebbled leather with antique gold hardware. I cooed over it every single time I ever went back in the store for a year or so before I finally got my very own Rocco in pale gold hardware.
I'm glad I didn't rush in to buying this bag, as I went through phases of liking different styles, starting with the orginial, then the rose gold and then pale gold hardwear. The rose gold is still one of my faves, but I think it looks best on the the more colourful variations of leather - grey, baby blue and tan with rose gold are TDF!

The pale gold for me ended up being the perfect version - the studs are super shiny which the antique brass lacks and the rose gold has too much of. It also has the style of stud I like best - cupcake rather than the bullet studs of the original. Those of you not that into your bags are probably starting to think i'm totes insane and/or too fussy. Quite, but that's for another day.

The leather is a dream. So buttery and soft but totally hardwearing and thick. Most designer leather bags cost well over 1k, so even though this bag packs a punch at £700ish, it's nothing compared to some out there!

The all important weight issue... Right. This bag has studs and thick leather. It's amazing quality, so none of the materials are cheap and thin or pretend hardware, so yes, ofcourse it's heavier than your average bag. Is it too heavy? No, not for me and I tend to carry a whole load 'o junk in my baggage! Just don't overload it, which is common sense as overloading will only stretch the handles and make them look saggy.

So there you have it, my all time dream bag. Doesn't mean I can't still lust over others, so watch this space ;)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pretty Pink Hair

Faded pink hair from the Wildfox S/S12 campaign 
Love the combo of pink hair + lipstick

Candyfloss pink

Dip dyed pink ends 
Not pink I grant you, but wowza, I heart this hair too! But sadly, not at all for me.

I love that the pastel trend for spring/summer 2012 is also a big thing in hair right now! I've no chance of getting any kind of colour into my hair without bleaching it first as it's so dark :( But I still love looking at these funky hair colours.
I'm actually thinking of going lighter anyway for summer, so who knows?! Can you do these as wash in wash out? Semi perm dyes never ever fade for me :/