Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday's OOTD

Dorothy Perkins' Bejewelled Peter Pan Collar Dress 

This is the first peter pan collar item of clothing i've ever purchased - I've always steered away from them as I thought they didn't suit me but I must have been just trying on the wrong stuff before now as I adore this one! I got it from Dorothy Perkins for £28. It's very cutesy with the bejewelled collar and fit and flare style. It makes me feel like i'm wearing a school dress kinda but I like it.
Apologies for the dusty mirror shots... As you can see, this dress is quite short but most things are on me as I'm pretty tall. I like wearing it with opaque tights if it's mega cold and windy like it is right now. I love DP's fit and flare dresses, so floaty and feminine. I wore this dress out a catchup with a friend recently and paired it with my Alexander Wang Rocco, though i wish I'd taken the Mulberry Lily out instead, I think any cute little shoulder bag would probably go much better than a hefty thing like the Rocco.
Bisous x

Style Steal: Primark Cobalt Blue Lace Dress

Primark Cobalt Blue Lace Dress £3 

I couldn't believe my luck when I found this beautiful blue dress in the sale racks at Primark! I bagged it for just £3.00 reduced from £15.00, practically giving it away. I first saw it on a friend on a night out and I'm not one for usually buying the same stuff (how bad would an outfit clash be?!) but this was too good to miss :) There was only a size 10 and some 6's left so i risked a 10 without even trying it on but thankfully is fits, if maybe a little tight around the chest
I've got a thing for electric blues; so vibrant and eye catching. I love the lacey bit around the neck, very pretty. I have to be careful not to snag it with my nails which will eventually happen. 
My full length shot of this dress shows that's it quite a figure hugging dress and shows your curves off. There's also a red and green version of this dress and all in the sales currently so if you can get down to Primark, get going quick because they're flying!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review: Sampar So Much to Dew Midnight Mask

Sampar's "Midnight Mask" Review Winter skin doesn't have to be dull and dry when you use the right products to keep it looking and feeling plump and hydrated. That's where Sampar's "Midnight Mask" comes in... I've tried lots of masks for all types of skin problems, intact, i'd go as far as to say i'm a bit of a mask junkie; I can't get enough. But if I had to narrow my beauty products down, this mask would definitely still be in my cosmetic cupboard! This mask is designed to be applied in the evening and worn over-night whilst you sleep so that it can really get to work at replenishing your skins moisture barriers.  It is paraben and fragrance free making it super skin friendly and is aimed at all ages and skin types so as universal as it gets.
The brush applicator is so soft and makes applying the "Midnight Mask" a real treat, it doesn't irritate and smoothes out the product around the entire face evenly and in no time. You may want to clean it after use so that it feels just as soft and lovely when applying the next time but as long as you put the lid back on it should be fine for a few applications before it needs cleansing like any other of your makeup brushes.

The mask itself is just the right texture and consistency for me - not too thick and gloopy as I first expected such a moisturising mask to be. It sinks quite quickly into the skin and if you have oily areas like me, it doesn't just sit on top and add to the greasiness which I always look for in a moisturising product. So you apply a generous layer, wait a few mins whilst the majority sinks in (you don't want to waste it all on the pillows...) and then get some beauty sleep so you look extra gorgeous when you wake in the morning! After I washed the mask off in the morning for the first time, I could definitely feel the difference in my skin - it felt more comfortable and I noticed it did look a little more plump than usual. Nothing major as I don't think my skin needs plumping at this stage in my life but that chapped rough feeling the cold winds and central heating usually give my skin were all drastically improved after using this product. My skin is happy again :)

You can buy this skin saviour from for £34.00

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Review: Elizabeth Arden - Ceramide Daily Youth Restoring Serum Capsules

Prevention is better than the cure...Some of you may be wondering why i'm using 'youth restoring serum' when I'm only 25... truth is, our skin is steadily declining in elasticity and firmness from our mid twenties so really, I should have been on the ball long before now! I have dabbled with using anti-ageing lotions and potions specifically for younger skin before but never really stuck to any routine where I used them daily. They can often be too heavy and oily as quite a lot are for mature skin which is lacking in moisture but at my age, I just need something to help prevent wrinkles and keep my skin feeling soft and supple.
I would have never thought of using Elizabeth Arden's ceramide capsules if it wasn't for having one of the cosmetic assistant's in John Lewis catch me as I walked by and got me to try one on the back of my hand. I was dubious, as the serum was squeezed out it looked slick and greasy but after massaging in and leaving for a few minutes, it had literally sank straight into my skin with no tacky/oily residue! 
I really was dumfounded, nothing in the title even hints at it being suitable for younger skin but this was a product that would really work for me, so not long after I found a bargainous deal on and decided to implement the capsules into my daily skincare routine.My skin feels so soft and totally nurtured after applying, they really are my favourite anti ageing serum so far. Each capsule has enough for one application for face and décolletage - the only downside for me as I don;t particularly like using creams or serums on my neck area so each capsule has just a little too much in it for me. The capsules look so luxe and are quite novel, a little more fussy than having it ready to squeeze out of a tube for example but I like them. They can be a bit fiddly to open if you rip the teat too low it could spill out if you're not careful. The lid on the tube doesn't stay put very well either so i've had lots of capsules scattering all over my floor and makeup bag whilst carting them around (too risky to just carry one around in case it gets squished!) but maybe it was just my jar that's kaput.

They are currently £21.75 on and retail at £37.00 for 30 on