Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Update 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

I'm suitably stuffed with choccie and sat on my bed with some spare time to do a little update post on the things getting me excited this month. So here goes!

Marina & The Diamonds - SO excited for her new album! And her hair... that girl can rock the blue rinse! Her hair was so dark to start with, if she can get that light, so can I! - Maybe not platinum though... 

Zara Martin - so pretty. Love her style and hair. I'm hoping to don a crop top or two this summer like the bottom right piccie.

Bronzing powders. This is my latest lust-have product - Guerlain's Sun In The City. Very sheer and golden, will look PERF on a proper tan! EEE nearly summer :P
Sequinned mini dresses a la Topshop.... Look at those sparkles baby!

Read when you are summer ;)



  1. Ah, I just tried on my new bikini the other night and I was sooo happy! It's so hot! xx

  2. Hey! I love your blog, it's light and fluffy! :) Full of nice things, I love Marina and the white hair, I want to go white myself but she does look more beautiful brown!

    I'm following you on Twitter and Blogger now! :) xx