Monday, 26 March 2012

Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle in Pale Gold Hardware...

My name is Emma, and i'm a bagaholic.
 Bagsnob? Whatever you want to call it, I LOVE my handbags.

I've had a lot of people asking about my Wang bag lately, and I like nothing better than a chit chat about bags so here we go! Sorry if I start to ramble ;) 

Firstly, some piccies...

Alexander Wang Rocco w/ Pale Gold hardware

Even my nails match the studs! Nerd.
I was in love with this bag the very first time I clapped eyes on it in Harvey Nichols, Manchester. It was the original; black pebbled leather with antique gold hardware. I cooed over it every single time I ever went back in the store for a year or so before I finally got my very own Rocco in pale gold hardware.
I'm glad I didn't rush in to buying this bag, as I went through phases of liking different styles, starting with the orginial, then the rose gold and then pale gold hardwear. The rose gold is still one of my faves, but I think it looks best on the the more colourful variations of leather - grey, baby blue and tan with rose gold are TDF!

The pale gold for me ended up being the perfect version - the studs are super shiny which the antique brass lacks and the rose gold has too much of. It also has the style of stud I like best - cupcake rather than the bullet studs of the original. Those of you not that into your bags are probably starting to think i'm totes insane and/or too fussy. Quite, but that's for another day.

The leather is a dream. So buttery and soft but totally hardwearing and thick. Most designer leather bags cost well over 1k, so even though this bag packs a punch at £700ish, it's nothing compared to some out there!

The all important weight issue... Right. This bag has studs and thick leather. It's amazing quality, so none of the materials are cheap and thin or pretend hardware, so yes, ofcourse it's heavier than your average bag. Is it too heavy? No, not for me and I tend to carry a whole load 'o junk in my baggage! Just don't overload it, which is common sense as overloading will only stretch the handles and make them look saggy.

So there you have it, my all time dream bag. Doesn't mean I can't still lust over others, so watch this space ;)