Thursday, 15 November 2012

Selfridges Lucky Bag

The Selfridges 'Lucy Bag'...
High end department store, Selfridges, launched their version of a beauty lucky dip bag - the Lucky Bag on the 13th of November 2012. Only 1000 were available and 100 extra lucky bags contain a £150 beauty workshop giftcard... It just too much temptation for a beauty junkie like me!

So, was mine of the extra lucky bags?...

Is your bag one of the 100 extra lucky bags? 

 Unfortunately not. But I'm still very happy with the contents of my bag anyway! Here's what I got...

In order of my faves:

  1. Blink brow shape voucher worth £17 (can use on something else up to that value)
  2. Beauty Junky non-drying mud mask
  3. Dermalogica microfoliant
  4. Tweezerman matchbox 'itty bitty' nail files
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 'Lip Tar' in penny royal
  6. Anatomicals 'snog me senseless' mints
  7. Mouchoirs novelty pack of tissues

I couldn't wait to try the face mask so I ran a bath and stuck it on pronto! Smells gorge and so refreshing - think this is the ginseng? Usually don't bother with moisturising masks but this one doesn't feel oily when you rinse off, not at all heavy but definitely does the job. Super soft and supple skin is mine! Perfect start to my long weekend :)

By far my fave is the Blink Brow Bar voucher for a free brow shape... I've had my brows done by blink once before when I was in Manchester, in fact, they popped my threading cherry, and it was the best experience i've had so far, but I just don't get to go back as often as I would like so I've been going to a local salon since. They really do know what they are doing and take their time when doing it. It made my eyes look wide awake and framed my face perfectly. So! I'm going to wait a little longer and get my brows done next in Manchester in a few weeks so that they can be perfect and ready for my work's Xmas party. 

Loving the handbag friendly beauty essentials in this bag. The mints, little nail files and tissues are cute and handy to pop in my handbags without cluttering them. Nobody wants gnarly nails and honking breath during the party season!

Excited to try the Dermalogica product... Only downside is it seems a bit messy? Upon opening mine it was all spilling so I quickly stuck the lid on again.

Definitely worth signing up for the email notifications when Selfridges sound out notifications that they are doing these limited edition beauty bags, they usually sell out fast and you really get your moneys worth.

Much love xoxo

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