Sunday, 1 July 2012

My hair so far....

You can see the warmth towards the ends of my hair where there is a lot of colour build up.

Kind of looks like an accidental reverse ombre being lighter at the top and darker on the lengths.
Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray, Redken Extreme CAT spray and Vevlvet Whip
This is my result so far after two trips to the hair salon for a full set of highlights to be put my through hair. It's all going to be plan so far, I was expecting a lot of brassiness and it's actually quite toned - no bright ginger anywhere that I can see. There's definitely warmth that my iPhone doesn't pick up so great but you can see in the first picture where the light hits the ends. I've had years of semi perm violet dark browns run through my hair since I last went blonde at 16. 

I'm due back for my third 'blonding' appointment soon but I think that one will be quite drastic now that  most of my hair has been bleached and lightened from the almost black starting colour. I'm also going to give my hair a break after this next bleaching for quite a few months, and then only get the roots done and just let my hair grow through with the blonder bits. I don't want to go bald! So i'm really hoping it lightens up nicely when I'm next in. 

I took a pic of the three products that i'm loving since I've started getting my hair lightened - lifesavers! The Moroccan oil spray gives my hair some shine again, which it has really been lacking during this process. So smoothing too! The Redken extreme range is a must for anyone with chemically treated hair, if you only buy one product from that range, I'd suggest this spray. Just spritz on hair whilst in the bath before shampooing for a few minutes and shampoo out for super soft hair. The Velvet Whip serum smells divine and again helps with the frizz caused by the bleaching and you only need to use a small blob so it lasts forever, well worth the money. 

Apologies, I'm totally checking out my cleavage on the 2nd piccie haha.

Ciao bellas xo