Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My First Chanel Nail Polish - Nouvelle Vague (Limited Edition, S/S 2010)

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a place in my ❤ for all things Chanel. I can't remember where I first clapped eyes on the iconic quilted 2.55 Chanel bag, but ever since, it has been my ambition to own one someday. I'd be better off with a tote, tbh, as I really do carry a lot of 'necessities' everywhere with me. Mini brushes, make-up compacts, my iPhone (which is pretty big I think!) and books/mags etc etc...

I don't know why I haven't bought any of Chanel's polishes before now, the price was a big factor; just over £16 is the most i've ever paid I think. I would always look them up on blogs and in magazines. I knew it had to be something special to make me splash out, and boy oh boy is Nouvelle Vague special :)

It has this summer's candy sugared shades covered, with this pale baby blue twist. I say twist because it looks blue with a hint of turquoise shining through. Infact, this is also my first light blue polish in my collection too! I didn't think it would go to well with olive/tan skin like mine is but when I saw it, well, I didn't care. Tan be damned! I was pleasantly surprised that the blue sat very nice with my shading, and even though it's eye-catching enough already, a tan really makes the colour 'pop' that little bit more!

It makes me think of holidays, pretty clear turquoise shallows and summer skies...

The only thing I don't like, which shocked me a little, is the actual nail brush applicator. It felt very thin and stiff, like an old fashioned, cheap polish I used to have when I was little. A little inflexible, meaning the application requires an extra steady hand. Requires a generous coat too, as the first coat can be streaky. Definately worth it for such a gorgeous summer shade though. It also has some of the best staying power i've come across in polishes, still going strong with no chips whatsoever after a week almost. Usually, with the amount I use my hands, I start to see little chips by now.

Friday, 11 June 2010

☆ .。. Mac Me Beautiful .。. ☆

I was having a sort out of my huge make-up stash, and I was re-united with loads of stuff i've bought but never really used. I feel as though i've had a mini raid of the Mac counter as I stumbled across a load of my fave eyeshadow pigments that have been gathering dust. A crime when they are sooo shimmery and easy to use. The pigments come in a little pot that stores a LOT of shadow! Even though £15 might seem a bit pricey, it seriously lasts forever (unless you *shock horror* you knock the pot over...), so they are a good investment. Mine never seem to go down, they are so pigmented and vibrant that you don't even need to use much. Some tips for using pigmented eyeshadow:
1. DON'T apply foundation until you've finished applying pigment/eyeshadow in general to your eyes to prevent fallout from ruining your look.
2. DAB the pigmented shadow onto your lids rather than sweeping it on straight away. This not only prevents fallout but ensures an even spread off shadow over the lid.
3. DON'T overload the brush. With pigment, little is more.
4. EXPERIMENT - pigments can be worn alone or blended with other shadows. They can be applied lightly for a sheer wash of colour, or built up for a more intense 'pop' of colour.

So here are my 8 pigment pots, RRP'ing at £120 but I got two of them from The Cosmetic Company at The York Designer Outlet which sells them for £11. That place is a must visit for any serious beauty addicts, there are bargains left right and centre, and the majority of the stuff is still current stock from Mac, Bobbi Brown & Clinique, to name a few.

From the back left we have 'Reflects Blue' 'Old Gold' 'Violet' and 'Spiritualize'.
From the front left there is 'Provence' 'Circa Plum' 'Golden Olive' and 'Deep Blue Green'.

I did some swatches, which turned out okay 'cept for the last two as they are very light and the latter basically a glitter pot so it didn't show up too well. The order in which I swatched them is from the very first picture of them in a line, for quick reference/comparisons. So it goes, 'Deep Blue Green' 'Circa Plum' 'Violet' 'Old Gode' 'Spiritualize' 'Golden Olive' 'Provence' and 'Reflects Blue'. Such pigmented colours look different in all light so i took a little video to give you a better idea.

I find that 'Golden Olive' works really well for asian inspired eyes, blended with a darker shadow such as Mac's 'Contrast' or 'Black Tied' £11.00 each. Dab a little in the corner of the eyes and blend out. The 239 Blending Brush by Mac is really good for these pigments, well rounded and fluffy. But there are plenty of other good brushes out there and some are a lot cheaper and just as good. Shop around.
'Dark Blue Green' is very dark and intense but reflects a gorge blue hue, so i like to put it over my Mac 'Blackground' paint pot, £13.00. As this acts as a primer I find and gives a solid background for the shimmer blue to sit against.
Provence is no longer sold at the Mac counters, nor is Reflects Blue, i picked these up the Cosmetic Company store. eBay and such like are great prices to find 'last seasons' shades that are still fab.

Tried any of these shades? What do you blend them with? I'd love to hear x