Sunday, 27 January 2013

Naughty But Nice Swimwear

Sizzling Under The Sun In More Than One Way....

Last summer I was completely obsessed with the 'Mazzy' Bikini - it was born from the sporty fashion movement - the cut and colour was sporty yet sexy.... of course it was always going to be the latter, it's Agent Provocateur! 

This year is no different. I'm mentally lust listing most of A.P's swimwear for S/S13 and my faves are shown below. A girl can dream, right? 

I've made a little pact with myself. If I can stick to my current workout regime and be my fittest yet for summer by May, just before I go to Miami, then I can treat myself to one of these little numbers. Lets face it, if I can't keep up the hard work, there's no way me or anyone could get away with these pretties.

The Mazzys...
Awahhh! The Mazzy collection is TDF. I need to win the lottery/rob a bank, pronto.

Lyssandra Swimsuit £245
Swoon! I love the Lyssandra... Something totally retro glamour about it. Also want to covet the dark sandy blonde hair by summer. Mine has gone slightly lighter at the moment and warmer. Erghh.

Kristie Bikini £245

Love the side straps and detail on the Kristie set. Gorgeous from behind.


The Mazzy Bikini's... Monochrome or Multicolour £195
My all time fave and most likely to end up in my luggage. I think I'd go for the monovhrome, it's a little more sophisticated and understated than the brights but you can never really go wrong with brights/neons in Miami can you? Decisions! Also praying that there's a sale or offer on by the time I've decided. Fffffat chance, I hear ya ;)

I'd love to hear what your fave is from the range, especially which colour Mazzy Bikini you'd go for girlies! 

Much love

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chanel S/S13 Makeup - Printemps Preciéux Collection

Printemps Preciéux De Chanel

Spring Summer 2013 Make-Up 

I love the transition that takes place in my makeup bag during the run up to summer - I tend to opt for heavier products in winter such as Dior 'Forever' foundation as my complexion really takes a beating from the constant weather bashing and my signature winter look is a dark lip or smokey eyes. I love it at the time but I'm always glad to put it behind me for another season.

The Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 makeup is the complete opposite..."Precious pinks and rich plums awaken the vibrancy of Spring for lip and nail, with a fresh makeup palette inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s codes of simplicity and sophistication."

Poudre Signée De Chanel - Illuminating Powder £46
 This really is the 'highlight' of the collection for me... Embossed with camelias, Chanel's iconic lipsticks and logo - it's one of the limited edition pieces of the collection and I can safely say it lives up to the hype that surrounds it. It's a sheer peachy highlighter with pink undertones I'd say which reflects the shimmer to create a gorgeous fresh luminosity on the face. Some girls might use this all over the face but I'll be using it purely as a highlighter on my cheek/brow bones etc as I have combination skin and I could end up looking too shiny. Not a good look!

This picture was taken with my iPhone and it shows the warmer tones in this product, it's just gorgeous... I'd recommend that you try and get your hands on this ASAP before it runs out which it is likely to do sooner rather than later. 

Rouge Allure Velvet - Luminous Matte Lipstick in La Favorite (no:43) £25
 I'm a massive fan of Chanel's velvet lippys - they don't feel as drying or lacklustre as most other matte lip products i've tried before. I had my heart set on the pink shade; L'eclatante (42) but after speaking with the assistant I opted for the coral lipstick. I've got quite a pale complexion with yellow undertones and this shade will really work my natural skin tone, not to mention look totally amazing when I go on holiday in summer! I've never worn bright colours much on my lips, so this is quite daring for me.

Les 4 Ombres - Quadra Eyeshadow in Raffinement (39) £37

This was more of an impulse buy - I hadn't set out in mind to buy any of the eyeshadows but when I swatched them inshore I was sold. I love a neutral bronzed smokey eye and this is just everything I love in one palette. This palette allows you to create matt, satin and intense metallic looks as Chanel's eyeshadows are so finely milled. Love the taupe shade on the bottom left and the rich rusty brown on the bottom right. I'll still be rocking smokey smouldering eyes come summer :)

Sample Goodies 
 I bagged some samples at the counter too:

  • Levres Scintillantes Glossimer - Intense Radiance Lipgloss in 'Amour' (166)
  • Vitalumière Aqua - Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15
  • Démaquillante Yeux Intense - Eyemakeup Remover
  • Chance Fragrance in Eau Tendre

Coral/Salmon Shimmer

The mini lipgloss is my fave ever sample, I absolutely love a mini/travelsized product. Love the shade, again, this will be fab for summer/jollies! The shimmer in this beauty is just up my street, very sparkly but not chunky glitter particles, quite fine but does sparkle lots. In love. I can tell I will be buying the full size once I've used this one up.

So these were the 3 products I picked up from the S/S13 collection - did any of you get anything or have you got your eye on anything from this line? 


Thursday, 17 January 2013

5 Pictures I Hearted...

The Last 5 Pictures I Hearted on

Victoria's Secret angel wings

Candice Swanepoel modelling the bikini (and body) that I want for my holidays from the VS Swim 2013

Elephant - searched for elephants randomly whilst watching David Attenborough's Africa series. Was so sad when the baby elephant died :(

I stumbled across this snap of Marilyn and it made me smile. Love this woman,

Love the glamour this piccie exudes.