Sunday, 14 November 2010

Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, but which style?

I have wanted a designer bag for so long, something worth the money i'll be investing in - a bag for life kinda thing. I've thought long and hard whether I really want to spend so much money on a bag, but I know if I don't ever have one I'll always regret it. So after years of dithering and changing my mind, I always come back to Louis Vuittons Speedy 35
The only dilemma now is which style to choose? Please vote in the comment box which is your fave, I'd love to hear what my fashion savvy followers think.

(From left) Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene alongside an Alexander Wang 'Rocco' bag. My two fave bags, not forgetting a Chanel tote.

Audrey Hepburn papped with her Louis Vuitton Speedy sporting the classic Monogram canvas...Do I really need more of an excuse to buy one these bags? She's one of my fave style icons...

Louis Vuitton Speedy in the Damier Azur canvas. Picture from Chictopia by Rahpunen.

The monogram canvas has until now always been at the top of my list, but after much thought and research I've began to think that it might not be for me. I like the cowhide handles how they look when they are first bought before they age and discolour, going a dark tan colour. Then there's the fact that this particular style is on every market stall being sold as a replica. There's nothing wrong with replica's guys,  heck, I even had one at some point. But now I want the real thing... 
So i'm thinking the Damier Ebene is most likely going to be my first (and last) designer handbag. I really didn't like this style upon first seeing it, but boy, oh boy, it has grown on me! I like how it's a bit more casual and less 'flashy' than the monogram canvas. Plus it looks like it'll go with any outfit. I saw the Damier Azur loads in Miami and it truly is beautiful but i've heard lots of people saying they take a lot of looking after to keep them clean with them being so light. 

Cast your vote lovelies! xoxo