Sunday, 9 September 2012

Beach Bum

Is there anything better than listening to the lull of waves on a sun drenched beach? Silly question ;)

Fuerteventura 2012

Jandia Beach, Fuerteventura


Steep stairs on the cliffs to get to and from the beach...

Chanel's Miami Peach polish - perfect for summer/tans (behind is Nouvelle!)
Vogue - perfect poolside reading
I successfully avoided odd tan lines in this Asos badboy! Tip: only wear after you get a tan.

Some of the beachy essentials I used

I love sun protection products that smell of summer holidays... Do you have a favourite brand for that summer scent?

For me, the Dior sun range smells like pure heaven! Quite light and exotic. Pure luxe! But if you're after something a little less expensive then i'd recommend Hawaiian Tropic... also smells divine and I loved the new silk hydration sun lotion. Skin was so soft after using this product and not at all heavy - it just sinks in - a must have! I need to get it in a higher factor though, as the sample is only spf15. No point wasting your money on anything below spf 20 I don't think. I usually go with 50 in the few few days and 30 for the latter half of the hol. If you hate feeling greased up after applying sun lotion I'd go for Soltan's Invisable sun spray as it's mega light and non greasy; like a dry oil. Only problem is it can stain lighter bikinis and leave a yellowish tinge if rubbed against before it fully soaks in. The St Tropez after sun was a little disappointing - not very moisturising and the smell just didn't do it for me :( The gradual tan sold it to me originally but won't buy again.
Remember to protect your hair whilst on your jols - I LOVE Redken's 'sparkling shield' oil spray... It has gold particles in to keep your hair extra shiny and nourished in the sun. Deep hair conditioning masks are vital for holiday hair if you want to keep frizz at bay - take sachets instead of the tub to save room if you're a serial over-packer like yours truly here. The best advice I can give for keeping your hair looking swishy and smooth abroad is kind of lame to some people but true all the same - keep your hair out of the smelly chlorine in swimming pools. That stuff wrecks hair, especially important if you have got lightened hair or coloured in general.

Muchos love xoxo

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