Sunday, 16 November 2014

Review: Wild Medicines Facial Steamers: Oily/Teenage Skin and Face Oil with organic Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Patchouli and Neroli

Wild Medicines Helping Me Get Happy Skin Again...
When I was younger, my mum used to have a facial steamer and would pop in a few drops of essential oils to the hot water and let the vapours from the steam work wonders on her skin. I was too young to be interested in doing the same at the time but i always loved the scent that would waft around the room whilst she was doing this.
My skin has been feeling very irritated and congested for the last few months, i've noticed a lot more breakouts and felt my skin looked bumpy since the holiday definitely but I put this down the sun lotion I was using and thought it would clear up in time. Nothing has really changed so I thought about what I could do or change in my daily skincare routine to make my skin happy again - it just suddenly occurred to me that i should try steaming my face. I googled a few things and was looking for facial steaming bags when I came across Wild Medicines; a must have brand for any green beauty lover!
Wild Medicines was created by the lovely Louise Bowery who believes we can both sooth our skin and our minds by using and listening to nature, which is all around us. We all have a fragrance that when we smell it, it has the power to move us and alter our moods... I absolutely love the scent of jasmine for its uplifting properties and woody scents such as patchouli to calm my mind. Her powerful and potent products are paraben & cruelty free and never test on animals.
I have been using the Facial Steamers (£4 for 4 bags) designed for oily/teenage skin as I wanted to feel like my skin was being purified and decongested of any toxins and grime from every day life. They aim to do just this and leave you with healthy glowing skin afterwards which  can safely vouch for! I popped a bag in a bowl of hot water (you don't need a fancy steaming facial kit to use these like my mum had) and put a small towel over my head and breathed in the vapours whilst they got to work on my skin for around 5 minutes. I'm not a massive fan of steam rooms and find it hard to breathe so i don't tend to use for longer than 5 minutes and pop out for air but you can use for 5-10 minutes quite happily if you wanted to. My skin felt fresh as a daisy and totally rebalanced and i felt like i'd had a mini spa session minus the price tag! I think another positive of using steaming in your skincare routine every now and then is that your skin is primed for any skincare that you use afterwards - especially face masks or serums/oils as your pores are open and more receptive to lotions and potions. The bags come in a handily little tin to keep them fresh and can be easily stored in your vanity cupboard. 

I have only just started using the Neroli Facial Oil (£16 for 30ml) but even though I have oily skin, i'm finding it a real pleasure to use. I've not had any breakouts and don't find it heavy, plus the scent it divine. I try to steam once a week and choose to use a facial oil every other night or so. I'm not sure why, I just don't feel the need to use it every night, but i love using oils like this one when my skin needs a serious hit of moisture.

If you want to try these products for yourself or find out more, visit Wild Medicines or why not tweet Louise on Twitter who will be happy to advise! 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Indeed Labs: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly Review

When I first read about this moisturiser from Indeed Labs; a brand available exclusivey at Boots, I was 100% sure it would be the perfect moisturiser for me. I hate heavy and stickly formulations and the novelty of this product is that it's of a jelly consitency that soaks straight into the skin without leaving any oily residue.

I can safely say that this product despite the blogger hype has been nothing of a complete disapointment to me. It is so exceptionally light that my skin barely feels any kind of moisture hit at all. I use one full pump and it feels like a generous amount of product is applied to my face but afterwards I feel nothing. there's no comfort forthat just cleansed tightness and no softness at all. It feels quite tacky for the first 10-15 minutes too - a bit sticky.

I also dislike the pump - it's very hard, i'd say impossible to control how much you dispense. If you're like me and you don't need a full pump to cover your face it just feels like you're wasting what is already a very small tub (30ml). It's supposed to be more hygenic but I find that once i have pumped the jelly out and go to slide it off it just leaves mess as there is always a slight residue that is left behind but over a bigger surface area than most traditional moisturisers which usually just get it round the nozzle. In that sense it doesn't feel any cleaner to me, not dirty but just a bit of a gimmick really.

The only thing i'd say it has got going for it is the packaging - it looks very clinical and nice on they eye at the same time. I'd say it is definitely only suited to teenage skin that doesn't need any excess moisture as it is very light and feels like it won't aggravate problem/acne prone skin. I really would not reccomend to anyone else as I am THE biggest fan of light moisturisers but this just feels like a waste of time and money. Priced at £24.99 for 30ml i'd also say it isn't exactly cheap for a relatively small/unknown brand, thought Boots often have 1/3 off offers.

One of the rare posts where I don't have anything positive to say i'm afraid.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Review: YSL Fusion Foundation (B40)

This has got to be THE most hotly anticipated beauty product launch of the year! Thousands signed up to the waiting list well in advance of it's official launch in August 2014.
YSL Fusion 'Ink' Foundation £30.50
 I was mega excited to get my hands on a bottle of this 'space age' foundation which promises to last 24 hours and withstand humidity, sweat and whatever life can throw at you without budging in the slightest. I wanted to know could a foundation that promises to last the entire day really not compromise on texture?! Usually this would mean you had to wear a foundation that was either heavy, cake or both...

Shade B40 
Upon applying this foundation the first time, I found it quite awkward to use the applicator wand but only the first time. You allow it to drip off once then apply using either the pointed end for a lighter application or press it flat against your skin for more coverage. I've never used anything quite like it - it literally does feel like it is evaporating or melting into the skin as soon as you start to blend! So much so i was worried it was just disappearing as the results are so fluid and natural looking but when you then look at the other side of your face that hash;t been done yet you can see it's like your skin but better! It's such a strange foundation but in an amazing way, just unlike any of the others out there on the market. I actually find the results get better within the first hour, as though still melting into the skin and looking even more radiant. 

I'm not over keen on the packaging - it's not a big deal but I actually think it looks a bit ugly. It does last a VERY long time but certainly not 24 hours. It might be my skin type which wears it away quicker than most - i'm combo/oily so I think i'll always need a touch up or blotting tissue after 6 hours max but the coverage and overall made up look lasted me all of the working day so from 8am to 5pm.

This is the perfect summer foundation and I just wish it had come a little earlier whilst summer was still around! So light, natural looking and radiant.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Review | Eve Lom Cleanser - The Original Balm Cleanser

After being described by Vogue as 'probably the best cleanser in the world', this product had a lot to live up to!
I will start by saying that it has definitely earned its cult status as I've yet to use a more effective alternative. I went for the 100ml pot as it was slightly better value (£55) than the smaller pot and although they aren't cheap they really last a long time as you only need a small amount do cleanse your whole face. I use a blob on my index finger and just warm it across my fingertips before applying to my face and i'd say it lasts me atleast 6 months and longer possibly.

It looks really thick and waxy and it is until you warm it on your finger tips or in your hands and afterwards it's turns into an oily texture that's almost liquid. For this reason it becomes very easy and comfortable to apply to face and especially the eye area. I love using this cleanser at the end of the night after a day wearing a full face and heavy eye makeup as it literally just melts into the oil and lifts off! If you do wear waterproof or really stubborn mascaras then it still requires some degree of coaxing as in you might need to rub your lashes between your finger and thumb but it's not like you have to rub for ages and still have some stuck to your eyes after.
It's feel so incredibly nourishing to the skin... I was worried with how waxy and oily it looked that it would leave my skin feeling greasy and grimy but it actually turns milky once the water mixes with it and you wipe away any excess with the accompanying cloth. The result is super cleansed comfortable skin. It NEVER feels dried out as the formula isn't harsh or overdrying, the exact opposite.

The only downfall is the scent - I think it's the clove oil but I find this product smells slightly like an ashtray... I know that doesn't sound very appealing at all and a lot of people say the same that this is the only negative thing they can say about the cleanser but strangely, I've started to like the scent! You soon get used to it and it starts to smell quite relaxing.

Once a week I try and make time to do a little facial with this cleanser, the oily texture once warmed is ideal for massaging your skin and once you've spent a few minutes doing this you'll be left with a glowing complexion that feels and looks plumped and awake. I don't do this half as much as I'd like to, I don't know why as it really does feel lovely to do and really recommend it.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Grafea 'Bianca' White Hari Backpack

It's not often style and comfort go hand in hand but Grafea have pulled it off perfectly in my opinion.

I cannot get over how amazing the Grafea leather bags are! I'm such a bag snob and won't spend a lot of money on a bag unless i'm thoroughly convinced that they are worth parting with my hard earned cash, especially if they aren't a well known brand that have been established for years. I came across Grafea on Twitter as I do most things that I get obsessed with, and was instantly taken by how cute yet practical they looked. The Hari backpacks which is what I purchased above come in a rainbow of pretty pastel colours alongside your classics such as black, tan and white. 

Below I paired my backpack with my Asos 'Suspended' sporty dress £25 and New Look black platforms which were £27.99.
As with my Givenchy Antigona obsession, it started by seeing a pink version of the bag which my heart lusted for. I saw the pink and lilac backpacks and they were just dreamy, but I don't feel quirky enough to carry off those kind of colours and they would just sit collecting dust. I still wanted to own one of these backpacks as i've been looking for one since they became all the rage a few seasons ago possibly but I needed a bigger bag that I could sling over my shoulder even after the fashions fade. So I kept searching through pictures on Twitter and various places and slowly started to fall in love with the white version. I say slowly, white has never been even a consideration for a colour choice when it comes to bags. It just looked uber cool, understated and just what I wanted. The colour goes with literally anything so lots of options. I was trying to hold out for a bargain with an Asos code as they aren't cheap at £180 but the quality and style is unrivalled for anything similar. Needless to say a 20% code came out a week or so after buying! Mine arrived slightly crumpled from the packing but nothing a good few uses won't sort and I'm a serial overpacker so I will soon straighten it out.

I wish i had something like this when i was at sixth form or university, life would have been so much easier carting my books and things around. The structuring is beautiful and one of the most impressive things for me is the handle and strap - even if you laden your bag full to the brim it still feels comfortable as they are so well made and supportive. Usually you just get a thin strap that digs in and gets sore after half hour of walking around with it on your arm or back but these are quite wide and have the extra pads added to ensure it's a true pleasure to wear around.

My only concern with this bag is how am i going to to keep the white, well, white?!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Givenchy Antigona Medium Sugar Orange Leather Tote

Have I finally found my dream handbag?! I think so...
My love for the Givenchy Antigona tote has come out of the blue and all at once. I've seen it around, after all, it's nothing new as it first launched back in 2012 but I think I fell slightly in love with InTheFrow's pastel pink Antigona when I saw it in the background of her blog pictures. 
It certainly wasn't love at first sight with this bag... I didn't fully appreciate the plain beauty it has. Now, I adore how simple and clean its structure is; it's very understated but totally unmissable at the same time.  Structured bags to me are everything - I'd always longed for a Celine tote but the price tag put me off. The Givenchy Antigona starts at £1,280.00 for a small or £1,365.00 for the medium style I own. I was lucky enough to purchase my Antigona in the Selfridges S/S14 preview event which gave me 50% off, I am SO glad I got up early that saturday morning!
At first I went straight to the pink Antigona but it was sold out. I looked at the orange bag as my next favourite colour and was in two minds as to whether I should bother purchasing but I did and I definitely made the right choice. The colour is so bright and bold which I love against the simple chic design. I was worried as to how I would pair it with outfits, I'm not usually a bright accessories kind of gal but a fashion savvy Twitter friend, @SJ_Selina, suggested wearing with blacks, browns, greys and green garments. I can safely say i own a lot of black dresses and some grey pieces. I love the grey and orange combos best I think.
 The only slightly negative thing I will say about the Antigona is that it is rather heavy for a bag with minimal hardware. The structuring of the tote and chunky (but super pretty) zip mean the opening to the inner of the bag is quite stiff and not very wide at all. I'm sure the latter will loosen over time but I don't mind. My Alexander Wang Rocco is heavy and I don't mind, it helps me to not over pack!
I wish I could own some of the other designs and colours but I am so lucky to have found this beauty in the sale! I'd love to know if any of you have your eyes on an Antigona - which colour? What do you like/dislike about the bag? 


Monday, 2 June 2014

Summer Style Essentials

When summer is in full swing I always have a few key pieces in my wardrobe that I tend to opt for time and time again to keep me feeling stylish but cool at the same time.
1. A loose fitting quirky tee... My staple brand last year was Wildfox, the fit of their tees and sweaters are perfect for summer! But this year, I didn't need to splash out; H&M have got SO many cool slogan tees and vests this season that I have managed to update my summer wardrobe for a fraction of the usual price! I loved this "Meoow" top which was £7.99 I believe.
2. Summer sandals... These platform wedges are a little different to what I usually go for in summer in a sense that I have never really been into platforms before. They don't look massively summery but they are certainly a big hit for SS/14 and now that've tried them they give an edgier uber cool look to almost all outfits really! They were £27.99 from New Look.
3. Denim cutoffs... I love denim hot pants! They are definitely my no1 summer staple and I'm going to wear them whilst I can still get away with them ;) The ones i'm wearing in my outfit with the above items are from Hollisters, £40 I think from last September but they have the prettiest diamante embellishment on them.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Review: Benefit - They're Real! Mascara

I could't believe my luck one afternoon last week; I came home from a really tough day at work to be greeted by a little surprise parcel from Feelunique... I couldn't remember placing an order so I was quite perplexed but excited all the same! Upon opening it dawned on me that I had completed The Sunday Times 2014 Beauty Awards earlier in the year and must have been one of the lucky first 3000 voters! As you can see, the reward was a full sized mascara from the cult beauty brand Benefit retailing at £19.50.

I'd heard of it before but never bothered to purchase, preferring instead to stay loyal to my YSL Baby Doll or Lancôme Hypnose mascaras to avoid any disappointment if any new products didn't live up to my high expectations. This mascara lives up to the hype though - it gave me super fluttery lashes in just one coating. The main thing this mascara does for me is lengthen my tiny lashes by far more than any other i've tried. It doesn't clump easily and the brush literally grabs your lashes and applies from root to tip smoothly. Definition is achieved but

I didn't find it particularly thickened my lashes a great deal but it felt rather nice to have them super long and defined instead of thick and heavy.

I definitely recommend this girlies! x

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Update

I absolutely adore Easter, not just for the obvious reason that you can stuff your face with chocolate and not feel guilty, but because it symbolises the beginning of something new. Every where is in bloom and summer is just around the corner! 

Speaking of blooms, I was chuffed to see we had a small cherry tree nestled away in the corner of the garden recently... I hadn't noticed it before as we moved in over xmas when the trees were bare but now it is just full of pretty pink blossom swaying in the spring breeze.  I took the above picture on my way to work bank holiday Friday and it really made me feel much happier just from standing beneath it for a little while before my shift.

I've always dabbled with the idea of purchasing some Diptyque candles and never actually done it until recently. I thought they were very expensive and was worried I would't get my monies worth out of them - not being anywhere near a boutique that stocked them I couldn't even whiff the various scents on offer! Space NK had an offer on recently where you got £10 off a £50 spend so I picked the 2 scents that i had managed to smell on a trip to Manchester once and remembered.  I opted for Geranium Rosa in the larger standard candle size which is a very pungent floral scent of geranium and roses funnily enough! I love it, but the partner finds it a little over powering. The smaller travel size is Feu  de Bois which is very peculiar to me and not my usual type at all but I love the woody aroma is gives off. Very soothing. They both look absolutely beautiful on my dresser, makes me almost not want to use them just yet... I did purchase a lid topper for the standard size, it's meant to keep the candle scent for longer and protects from dust etc. The Standard 190g candle price is £40 and for the smaller 70g it is £20 - the lid is £12.
I've received 1 of 2 Melissa Odabash bikinis ordered via Brand Alley - below is the classic purple Dubai style and I just love the colour and the little gold charms... I'm not feeling quite as ready for summer as I was this time last year so getting this has given me a little push to upping the intensity now to make sure I do this beautiful bikini justice! I've been trying some green juices since the beginning of the year but I don't stick to any particular routine of drinking them, just as and when. They certainly make me feel healthier even if I haven't seen that much different in weight and or skin but I wouldn't when I counteract them with the rubbish food I keep eating...
Below is a stunning semi precious amethyst necklace from thatI am just dying to get my hands on but it isn't stocked on the site just yet - I saw it in their magazine and I'm hoping I get an alert soon to say that it is live! It looks very magical :)


Saturday, 12 April 2014

REVIEW: Paula's Choice - Hydralight Moisturiser, Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Gel and Skin Balancing Toner

Paula's Choice, formulated by Paula Begoun, is a range of wonderful skincare products that aim to take 'brilliant care of your skin' that never contain colouring agents, fragrances and have never tested on animals. So far so good! What I also find quite novel about Paula's Choice is the Beautypedia - not only does Paula recommend her own products but other well known and niche brands too! I've never really seen a company do this before, which makes me feel somewhat more assured that Paula's Choice is essentially very honest and has the customer's best interests at heart.

When I start using new products, I really like to try them for a good while before I do a review on them as I really want to give a true reflection of my experience. I implemented these three products into my routine just over a month ago now and my skin has never looked more even and radiant! I'm not saying i've been left with totally new skin without any imperfections or flaws as it hasn't miraculously cured me of the odd breakout, but my skin looks a lot fresher than before I started using Paula's Choice.

In order of usage, here's what I've been using...

1. Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner £19.25 190ml
This is super lightweight and mildly moisturising, aimed at normal to oily skin. It's fantastic for combination skin as it doesn't feel feel greasy but at the same time it isn't making problems worse by being too astringent like most toners i've tried before seem to do. It helps provide a bit of moisture to the areas that need it and doesn't sit heavy on the areas that don't. I think the price is very reasonable for the amount you get which is 190ml. I don't totally drench a cotton pad and use just a few drops so really this will last a VERY long time.
If you're looking for a brighter and more even complexion, look no further!This exfoliating gel is my absolute star product from the trio. I wasn't sure how my skin would react to this as i've heard mixed reviews about using BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) products but thankfully i've not had any problems and I link my radiant skin these days to this little gem. It's not an exfoliator n the normal sense of the word, to me anyway, it doesn't have any gritty bits that rub against the skin to reveal new skin underneath but uses salicylic acid (2%) to help combat blemishes and redness. Basically, BHA's work inside the skin, within the pores so are great for problem skin, whereas AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) work on the outside and are better for dry skin types generally. The only thing I dislike about this product is the sticky feel on my hands and face for a minute or so after applying. It does sink in to the skin pretty quick though and the sticky residue is gone without a trace afterwards. A word of advice... you MUST make sure you wear a minimum SPF15 when using BHA products, as they make the skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Moisturisers have always been a problem for me, I've always found them a chore as I find it hard to find one that provides enough moisture for my oily skin type without making my skin feel greasy within an hour or so. This moisturiser is definitely a good choice for oily skin types like mine as it certainly is shine free and very light as the name suggests. It provides a excellent sun protection with the SPF30 and provides a really good base if you're going to be applying makeup. However, if you are not going to be wearing makeup on top of this product it could leave you looking a little washed out - this is due to the mineral spf complex. For me it's not so extreme as I look like i've seen  ghost, it just leaves me looking a little paler than before.

Overall i'm so glad i discovered Paula's Choice and i've already got my eye on a few other products to try soon. One that recently arrived is the RESIST Multi Correctional Treatment which i'm going to use on top of the BHA gel for hopefully even better results! Full review to follow in the near future...

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tea India's Charming Chai Teas..

If you're a lover of chai tea like myself, then you really need to try Tea India's wonderfully tasty blends, trust me on this! 

I was lucky enough to be sent their full range of teas recently so I had myself a little tea tasting party over the weekend. Before I was sent the teas, I had already been purchasing Tea India's Masala Chai; I saw it on the shelves in my local Sainsbury's and decided to give it a whirl. The pretty packaging really caught my eye but I wasn't expecting it to become my new fave chai blend, at all. I was hooked on Teapigs chai tea at the time, so boy am I glad that I discovered Tea India as their 40 pack chai teas are priced at £2.20 instead of £3.99 for a pack of 15 from Teapigs.... 

There is no compromise on taste,    just amazing value for money! I was also sent a beautiful Scaramanga notepad and pen to make some tea tasting notes with.

Tea India and I both have the same belief that tea is one of life's 'simple pleasures' and if you're a tea lover and you drink copious amounts of tea every day, why not invest in the best quality blends? My favourite from the teas sent to me which were Masala, Vanilla and Cardamom chai teas and a traditional black tea is still the Masala overall but their vanilla blend is so creamy and fragrant; perfect for the end of the day I find. The Cardamom blend is really different to any chai i've ever tasted, really tasty and is something that I find myself reaching for more and more. 

The black tea is lovely and rich - perfect all rounder i'd say. It is priced around £2.95 for 80 teabags, again making it nice and affordable for a quality tea.

Tea India are doing lots of sample giveaways at the moment and I believe they are teaming up with ASOS next month to give away some delicious chai teas with orders.  To find out more and discover the taste of India visit!


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Review: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist (Nude)

Pout Perfection

Of all the beauty products I own (and I own a lot!), lip products prevail in my makeup bags and cupboards. I can't get enough of them, it's hardly surprising when you come to think of all the different shades and finishes that are available to purchase these days.

It's no surprise then that I got mega excited at the launch of one of my favourite luxury skincare brands; Sisley Paris' Lip Twists which aim to 'rewrite the rules of lipstick' in the sense that it acts as both a lipstick with concentrated colour in the form of a tint but nourishing and glossy like a balm. Amaze! And you know what, i'm going to put it out there - this is my favourite lip product to date! Here's why...

The main reason I love the Phyto-Lip Twists is the colour pay off. It's perhaps the most intense i've used for a balm, EVER. The colours are all beautiful and there is no need for anymore than the 6 offered as they are just perfect and offer subtle shimmer (like the nude shade I opted for) or all out glamour (try cherry), there's a shade for everyone and every occasion. The other fab thing about this product is the amount of time it stays put - for me it's hours on end and my lips feel conditioned for the whole day after just one application. Basically, it gives me everything I want from a lipstick and balm and mixes them into one 'do it all' chubby stick! It's all I carry in my bag these days. 

The catchphrase is "twist and shine" and it really is that simple. There's no getting your fingers sticky or having to sharpen the product once you've worn it down, you just twist it slightly to renew the length and apply straight from the stick. The nude shade is classic, buildable and has lots of shimmer unlike the rest of the colours. It just looks so beautiful on, perfect for everyday and even for evening if you want to dramatise your eyes and opt for a creamy nude lip.

At £29.00 a pop, they are very expensive but i've come across nothing that can rival the Sisley Phyto-Lip Twists... I took advantage of the John Lewis 10% event recently and picked up Peach but even without a slight discount, they are so worth every penny.

Hopefully you can see below from the lip smacking swatches just how shimmery and pretty this shade is... The shimmer is gold and tiny but it certainly is eye catching and lends itself perfectly to this nude shade.
Pucker up - kissably soft lips!

Utterly butterly... love this formula!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

REVIEW: Rimmel BB Cream (Matte) 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup

Rimmel BB Cream (Matte) 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup £6.99...

As i'm writing this review the sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the sky, so it's fair to say that spring has finally sprung! If you're like me, then you'll be having a bit of a spring clean of your makeup bag, or bags and cupboards in my case. I tend to try and look for lighter formulas for summer, products that give a dewy and breathable finish so as not to feel too heavy or start slipping if it's really hot. This idea is what made me want to give Rimmel's new BB cream a whirl....
I was initially impressed by this product boasting that it can give 9-in-1 skin perfecting benefits. It aims to prime, moisturise, minimise pores, conceal, cover, smooth, mattify, brighten, and help protect your skin in general from day to day stresses. Sounds pretty amazing, huh?! Yet it certainly didn't live up to these expectations, for me, personally.

I chose the 'light' shade which still looks quite warm on the swatch below but actually blends out to look quite fair in the end, still not the best match for light skins. That age old problem with BB creams! It does apply nicely, there's no tugging at the skin to spread it evenly which was nice but once applied I wasn't impressed with the finish. To say this product is oil free and is supposed to be mattifying, it was still quite shiny. I realise BB's are supposed to look dewy but there's a big difference between dewy and shiny! Not all over, but in all the places I don't like too much of a sheen - my forehead and nose area. This only got a thousand times worse throughout the day... I only managed to wear it for around 4 hours before I had to take it off. By the end of those 4 hours I looked a total mess, so shiny my skin almost looked wet to touch around my T-Zone. Therefore to me, for a Matte BB Cream, this has totally failed. I've used other BB creams that don't advertise mattifying properties and had better results!

It didn't give any kind of coverage for me, I prefer my BB creams with a bit more coverage - still light but to at least blur out any imperfections. If you have perfect skin to start with and no problem with oiliness in the first place then this product could be suitable but then why would you need to use it? Basically, I really don't like this product mat all. I do NOT recommend as it seems to be unable to do any of the benefits it boasts.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips (Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Punch)

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm £2.99

 I was dubious when I read the early reviews of these lip balms, I didn't believe that a £2.99 high street lip product could give my lips that sumptuously soft feeling and kind of thought they would be just oily and sit on my lips without ever really sinking in...
From left: Peach Kiss, Cherry Me and Pink Punch
But, I was pleasantly surprised! Although I'm a massive fan of the Nuxe Rêve De Miel balm and have never really strayed, I had to try these after the hype I was seeing on Twitter and on YouTube. Maybelline boasts 8 hour hydration, however, I would say I experienced maybe half of this.
These balms also offer SPF 20 in every shade, which I love! these would be ideal for when on holiday and hitting the beach, you should never forget to protect every inch of your skin. They don't feel heavy or tacky like some SPF lip products i've tried before, each application gives a lovely light and refreshing dose of hydration.
I actually stocked up on these three balms in the Boots 3for2 offer, I mean, they were already bagainous at £2.99 but it was the perfect excuse to try a few different shades. I went for Peach Kiss - a barely there nude with plenty of shimmer, Cherry Me - a luscious glacier cherry red and Pink Punch - a bubblegum pink. Each shade has a sheer application as they are a balm after all but what surprised me most was the colour pay off from Cherry me and Pink Punch... I've swatced them above, the lighting wasn't great but hopefully you can see the pigmentation.
From left: Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Punch
Cherry Me is my favourite of the three and I think it's really on trend for S/S14 with the added benefit of giving your lips some much needed TLC! They all smell and taste great - not that i've been licking them off my lips, y'know... x

Sunday, 2 March 2014

My S/S14 Swimwear Picks

My love for swimwear somehow grows year on year yet how could it not with the amount of new glam, sophisticated and sometimes outrageous sexy designs that keep hitting the shelf! Below are my absolute faves for summer 2014 and although I won't be buying them all (sigh, I do have expensive tastes...) I shall certainly be investing in one or two key pieces for my jollies this year so I need your help deciding which is worthy of packing in my suitcase!

In no particular order....

Seafolly is one of my favourite go-to brands for fun and playful swimwear. This year, I'm loving the retro floral print bandeau and bottoms; so feminine and pretty. I couldn't find them listed for sale anywhere yet so the name and price is currently unknown. I think I will definitely purchase the 90's style zig zag 'Mod Club Slide Tri (£90 for the set) as I'm obsessed with anything with a bit of neon yellow/green of late!

Naughty but nice swimwear is one of my life's littles vices... I only look to one place if i'm after something sexy; Agent Provocateur, of course. Styles like the new 'Tricja' bikini (£495) with detachable neck and waist chains verges on obscene, but I love it.

This sparkly little number is again from AP. The 'Zonia' bikini (£235) is in the most classic of shapes, the triangle, and one of the most revealing. I can just imagine how much this would glitter on the poolside in full glare of the sun. Innocent bystanders will need their sunnies fixed firmly on!
Ahhh, the Agent Provocater Mazzy bikini (£195)... Still going strong after it was first intro ducted in S/S12 with the orange and black shades when sports luxe swimwear was all the rage. I cannot get enough, each new shade they bring out tempts me beyond belief although if I had to pick one that I wasn't too mad about, it's the newest pink and black. It's almost looks like the monochrome version that I already own, the pink is too washed out. The neon one above though is far from being mute, it's so in your face bright it's almost crass but not quite. It's most certainly not for everyone, and it's grown on me. I've seen it so many times in people's holiday pics and they just look perfection on a tanned bod by the beach. It gives incredible cleavage too, even for modest boobage!

I only discovered Melissa Odabash swimwear last year and i've never looked back. She designs the most sophisticated and feminine swimwear and the quality of the fabrics is unrivalled. The fit, the feel... nothing comes quite so close. Undeniably some of the most comfortable swimwear I have ever worn and style isn't compromised at all. I've got my eye on the sporty monochrome 'Ponza' bikini set (£172) and the 'Cali Top' (£115).
I usually never EVER wear anything animal print, but i'd make an exception for the below 'Palm Zebra' set (£172). Not at all tacky, just wild and beautiful.
The Barrie cover up dress (£220) looks so delicate and chic, I just fall in love when I see it.

I am so sad that I only discovered Triangl swimwear as of last week... I've been seeing loads of pics featuring this pretty contrast bikini in both the above orange colour and a bright pink and I was dead set on buying it until I realised it was no longer for sale, literally anywhere :( I'm not so sure it would have been so flattering on me as it looks pretty full cupped and I would look so flat chested but still... swoon!

Now all I need is that beach body! ;) Roll on summer 2014....