Monday, 25 August 2014

Grafea 'Bianca' White Hari Backpack

It's not often style and comfort go hand in hand but Grafea have pulled it off perfectly in my opinion.

I cannot get over how amazing the Grafea leather bags are! I'm such a bag snob and won't spend a lot of money on a bag unless i'm thoroughly convinced that they are worth parting with my hard earned cash, especially if they aren't a well known brand that have been established for years. I came across Grafea on Twitter as I do most things that I get obsessed with, and was instantly taken by how cute yet practical they looked. The Hari backpacks which is what I purchased above come in a rainbow of pretty pastel colours alongside your classics such as black, tan and white. 

Below I paired my backpack with my Asos 'Suspended' sporty dress £25 and New Look black platforms which were £27.99.
As with my Givenchy Antigona obsession, it started by seeing a pink version of the bag which my heart lusted for. I saw the pink and lilac backpacks and they were just dreamy, but I don't feel quirky enough to carry off those kind of colours and they would just sit collecting dust. I still wanted to own one of these backpacks as i've been looking for one since they became all the rage a few seasons ago possibly but I needed a bigger bag that I could sling over my shoulder even after the fashions fade. So I kept searching through pictures on Twitter and various places and slowly started to fall in love with the white version. I say slowly, white has never been even a consideration for a colour choice when it comes to bags. It just looked uber cool, understated and just what I wanted. The colour goes with literally anything so lots of options. I was trying to hold out for a bargain with an Asos code as they aren't cheap at £180 but the quality and style is unrivalled for anything similar. Needless to say a 20% code came out a week or so after buying! Mine arrived slightly crumpled from the packing but nothing a good few uses won't sort and I'm a serial overpacker so I will soon straighten it out.

I wish i had something like this when i was at sixth form or university, life would have been so much easier carting my books and things around. The structuring is beautiful and one of the most impressive things for me is the handle and strap - even if you laden your bag full to the brim it still feels comfortable as they are so well made and supportive. Usually you just get a thin strap that digs in and gets sore after half hour of walking around with it on your arm or back but these are quite wide and have the extra pads added to ensure it's a true pleasure to wear around.

My only concern with this bag is how am i going to to keep the white, well, white?!

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  1. Do you know if the bag will fit a macbook air 13" laptop?
    Cos I'm considering this bag as a school bag for college and really need to know if my laptop will fit in it.