Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Update

I absolutely adore Easter, not just for the obvious reason that you can stuff your face with chocolate and not feel guilty, but because it symbolises the beginning of something new. Every where is in bloom and summer is just around the corner! 

Speaking of blooms, I was chuffed to see we had a small cherry tree nestled away in the corner of the garden recently... I hadn't noticed it before as we moved in over xmas when the trees were bare but now it is just full of pretty pink blossom swaying in the spring breeze.  I took the above picture on my way to work bank holiday Friday and it really made me feel much happier just from standing beneath it for a little while before my shift.

I've always dabbled with the idea of purchasing some Diptyque candles and never actually done it until recently. I thought they were very expensive and was worried I would't get my monies worth out of them - not being anywhere near a boutique that stocked them I couldn't even whiff the various scents on offer! Space NK had an offer on recently where you got £10 off a £50 spend so I picked the 2 scents that i had managed to smell on a trip to Manchester once and remembered.  I opted for Geranium Rosa in the larger standard candle size which is a very pungent floral scent of geranium and roses funnily enough! I love it, but the partner finds it a little over powering. The smaller travel size is Feu  de Bois which is very peculiar to me and not my usual type at all but I love the woody aroma is gives off. Very soothing. They both look absolutely beautiful on my dresser, makes me almost not want to use them just yet... I did purchase a lid topper for the standard size, it's meant to keep the candle scent for longer and protects from dust etc. The Standard 190g candle price is £40 and for the smaller 70g it is £20 - the lid is £12.
I've received 1 of 2 Melissa Odabash bikinis ordered via Brand Alley - below is the classic purple Dubai style and I just love the colour and the little gold charms... I'm not feeling quite as ready for summer as I was this time last year so getting this has given me a little push to upping the intensity now to make sure I do this beautiful bikini justice! I've been trying some green juices since the beginning of the year but I don't stick to any particular routine of drinking them, just as and when. They certainly make me feel healthier even if I haven't seen that much different in weight and or skin but I wouldn't when I counteract them with the rubbish food I keep eating...
Below is a stunning semi precious amethyst necklace from thatI am just dying to get my hands on but it isn't stocked on the site just yet - I saw it in their magazine and I'm hoping I get an alert soon to say that it is live! It looks very magical :)


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