Saturday, 7 June 2014

Givenchy Antigona Medium Sugar Orange Leather Tote

Have I finally found my dream handbag?! I think so...
My love for the Givenchy Antigona tote has come out of the blue and all at once. I've seen it around, after all, it's nothing new as it first launched back in 2012 but I think I fell slightly in love with InTheFrow's pastel pink Antigona when I saw it in the background of her blog pictures. 
It certainly wasn't love at first sight with this bag... I didn't fully appreciate the plain beauty it has. Now, I adore how simple and clean its structure is; it's very understated but totally unmissable at the same time.  Structured bags to me are everything - I'd always longed for a Celine tote but the price tag put me off. The Givenchy Antigona starts at £1,280.00 for a small or £1,365.00 for the medium style I own. I was lucky enough to purchase my Antigona in the Selfridges S/S14 preview event which gave me 50% off, I am SO glad I got up early that saturday morning!
At first I went straight to the pink Antigona but it was sold out. I looked at the orange bag as my next favourite colour and was in two minds as to whether I should bother purchasing but I did and I definitely made the right choice. The colour is so bright and bold which I love against the simple chic design. I was worried as to how I would pair it with outfits, I'm not usually a bright accessories kind of gal but a fashion savvy Twitter friend, @SJ_Selina, suggested wearing with blacks, browns, greys and green garments. I can safely say i own a lot of black dresses and some grey pieces. I love the grey and orange combos best I think.
 The only slightly negative thing I will say about the Antigona is that it is rather heavy for a bag with minimal hardware. The structuring of the tote and chunky (but super pretty) zip mean the opening to the inner of the bag is quite stiff and not very wide at all. I'm sure the latter will loosen over time but I don't mind. My Alexander Wang Rocco is heavy and I don't mind, it helps me to not over pack!
I wish I could own some of the other designs and colours but I am so lucky to have found this beauty in the sale! I'd love to know if any of you have your eyes on an Antigona - which colour? What do you like/dislike about the bag? 



  1. What a gorgeous bag! I love the shape, you did well to get it at that price too. I would love this in black or brown Xx

  2. OMG this bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colour, it's so pretty and what a bargain at 50% off! :) x

  3. Thanks girls! I love the black bag Ana, so classic...

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    Love xx