Saturday, 22 March 2014

Review: Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist (Nude)

Pout Perfection

Of all the beauty products I own (and I own a lot!), lip products prevail in my makeup bags and cupboards. I can't get enough of them, it's hardly surprising when you come to think of all the different shades and finishes that are available to purchase these days.

It's no surprise then that I got mega excited at the launch of one of my favourite luxury skincare brands; Sisley Paris' Lip Twists which aim to 'rewrite the rules of lipstick' in the sense that it acts as both a lipstick with concentrated colour in the form of a tint but nourishing and glossy like a balm. Amaze! And you know what, i'm going to put it out there - this is my favourite lip product to date! Here's why...

The main reason I love the Phyto-Lip Twists is the colour pay off. It's perhaps the most intense i've used for a balm, EVER. The colours are all beautiful and there is no need for anymore than the 6 offered as they are just perfect and offer subtle shimmer (like the nude shade I opted for) or all out glamour (try cherry), there's a shade for everyone and every occasion. The other fab thing about this product is the amount of time it stays put - for me it's hours on end and my lips feel conditioned for the whole day after just one application. Basically, it gives me everything I want from a lipstick and balm and mixes them into one 'do it all' chubby stick! It's all I carry in my bag these days. 

The catchphrase is "twist and shine" and it really is that simple. There's no getting your fingers sticky or having to sharpen the product once you've worn it down, you just twist it slightly to renew the length and apply straight from the stick. The nude shade is classic, buildable and has lots of shimmer unlike the rest of the colours. It just looks so beautiful on, perfect for everyday and even for evening if you want to dramatise your eyes and opt for a creamy nude lip.

At £29.00 a pop, they are very expensive but i've come across nothing that can rival the Sisley Phyto-Lip Twists... I took advantage of the John Lewis 10% event recently and picked up Peach but even without a slight discount, they are so worth every penny.

Hopefully you can see below from the lip smacking swatches just how shimmery and pretty this shade is... The shimmer is gold and tiny but it certainly is eye catching and lends itself perfectly to this nude shade.
Pucker up - kissably soft lips!

Utterly butterly... love this formula!

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