Thursday, 4 April 2013

Seafolly Festival Bikini S/S13

Bikini Brights

I've become totally obsessed with swimwear this year and already have perhaps too many to consider taking away with me but it doesn't stop me lusting over this Seafolly bikini from their s/s13 collection. It's like nothing I own or have have ever owned, I love the bright clash of contrasting colours and to me this just screams that it wants to be my Miami bikini as it makes me think of the neon lights you see on on the art deco buildings around South Beach. 

I usually stick to safe pastels or just plain bikini's but I think it's time that I experimented with colour a bit more ;) 

Seafolly Festival Triangle Top £39.50

I love the first two pictures of the official Seafolly model in the bikini, it definitely better on tanned skin...

Seafolly Festival Hipster Pants £39.00 

Classic Triangle VS Booster Bandeau Style (bandeau £59.00)

Quick question: would you go for the triangle or booster bandeau bikini top? I can't decide if the bandeau style looks a bit big and I'm not exactly big in the boobage dept :P

They were pretty hard to find, and most websites only stock one or two of the range instead of the whole lot - there are quite a few variations in the bottoms and tops not to mention a maxi skirt and coverup, so i've listed a few places where you can find items from the range. 

  • I recently discovered Odyssey Boutique located in Edinburgh stock the triangle top and hipster pant and are super friendly and helpful. 
  • ASOS also stock the hipster pant and a halter bikini top, the latter i'm not so fond of. They currently have the skirt cover up too.
  • Simply Beach have a good range of most the collection and some bigger cup sizes
  • Last but not least, Figleaves have the hipster pant and bandeau top and usually have a discount floating around! 

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