Thursday, 18 April 2013

Guerlain Météorites Perles & Brush

I had to review one of my favourite Guerlain purchases... The Météorites Perles in Teint Beige 02

Pretty Perles...

The pretty pearls come in a gorgeous decorative tin and aim to subtly illuminate the complexion and allow your face to look radiant and fresh all day long. I've been looking for something to do just that to my lacklustre winter skin for a while now and after swatching in store I was sold. The pearls come in a variety of colours and each do their own little job to enhance and brighten your skin.

The Perles & Brush

I went for 02 as I found that the 01 version is a little too brightening and 03 was ore bronzing which I wasn't looking for. The pearls are also lightly scented with a lovely floral/violet scent that seems quite strong if you take a wiff straight from the tin, but trust me, once applied it's just a delicate scent that doesn't give you a headache. Also, don't be worried about the pink pearls making you look overly rosy - I don't suit rosy tones much so i was wary of this, but it didn't come out pink, at all!

Subtle Shimmer

I love the look of this product, it's so pretty sat on your makeup desk. 10/10 for being aesthetically pleasing! The brush is perfect for the pearls... and the only thing I use to apply them as I feel it picks up just enough product to give the desired illuminating effect without overdoing or vice versa. I tried it with my Bobbi Brown powder brush and it didn't seem to collect enough. I'm sure there's other brushes that will give the same effect but personally I love this one.

Swatched - lower picture shows once blended in a little. Applied thick for picture purposes...

I swatched the pearls on my finger tips by swirling them in the pot a few times so that you can actually see the product, as it's pretty much invisable if applied to the face with the powder brush on a camera. This isn't to say it won't show up - you can see it with the eye, and I think it's a good thing as it's just very subtle and sometimes you can go OTT with the shimmer/brightening products and end up looking sweaty or shiny - not a good look!

I would really recommend this product, it works and is a pleasure to use!

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  1. I've never actually used any of Guerlain's products but this looks so pretty! I wonder if this would work with my oily skin though, have enough of a natural eh shine as it is :)