Monday, 29 April 2013

Teapigs Organic Matcha Green Tea

"No airs. No graces. Just fine tea..."

My Matcha Concoction - Vita Coco Tropical Coconut Water + Matcha
If you haven't heard of Teapigs already (where have you been?!) the brand was founded in 2006 when two self confessed tea addicts already working for a big tea company realised that with so many variations of tea there was just too many that wasn't getting the attention that they deserved. You can learn more about the Teapig story and meet the people behind the teas which has steadily grown and even includes Harvey the Teapig dog on their website -! Read on for a 15% off Matcha code...
Matcha Sample Pack
So what is Matcha? 

100% natural AND organic. Essentially it's Green Tea but not as we know it... just one serving of this super powerful organic green tea powder gives you the antioxidant boost that you would only get after drinking 15 cups of ordinary green tea! WOWZA! If you're like me then you probably struggle to try and drink the suggested 5-6 cups of ordinary green tea so I'm very excited to with the idea of tripling my goal with just one cup of Matcha!
Matcha Recipes 
The perks...
  • Can boost metabolism for the day
  • Mega high in antioxidants...1573 per gram as opposed to Goji Berries who flail behind at 253 according to the ORAC analysis
  • Raises energy levels
  • May protect your ticker from heart disease
  • Voted best slimming and fitness product 2011 by 'Your Healthy Living' readers
Organic Matcha waiting to be mixed...
Discovering Organic Matcha was perfect timing for me - it's just over a month until my holiday so anything that might help me feel energised whilst giving me a massive antioxidant boost was always going to be much appreciated. I work out 3-5 times a week and i've started running more regularly on the build up to bikini season so I need all the energy I can get!
Just looking at a cup of this stuff makes me feel fresher and detoxed! I LOVE that you can add this powder to pretty much any of your favourite daily drinks for a boost... I decided to try my first cup of Matcha mixed in with Vita Coco's pure coconut water in the tropical flavour. I was kind of dubious as to how this might end up tasting but was pleasantly surprised! I actually really like the taste, very unusual but the green tea doesn't over power the tropical coconut juices just adds a bit of a grassy scent and taste to it. Tastes better than it sounds, you have to trust me on this one ;)
I also tried Matcha brewed for 2 minutes in hot water (see below) and like my ordinary green tea I found I enjoyed it both hot and cold... I always make a drink and barely have chance to drink it before it's gone cold. Check out my Vine recording after brewing a cup of Matcha in hot water here! Love seeing the green tea powder swirling around my cup :)
Matcha + Hot Water 
Did Matcha work for me?

After trying just one mug every morning for the past few days I can definitely feel a difference in how awake I feel throughout the day, I just feel like i've got my get-up-and-go in me and today I ran my best time and distance so far! This of course could just be my positive thinking pushing me through but there's no denying that Matcha is pretty unbeatable in the antioxidant department and I love green tea so this is just the natural next step up for me. I'm definitely going to try Matcha with lots of other things such as sprinkled on yoghurt or making a proper Matcha iced latte when I get a whisker to make it nice and frothy. Perfect for summer! 
Matcha Tea Storm!
 Teapigs sell Matcha in the following sizes:

  1. 2 gram sample - £2.00 (£1 a cup)
  2. 30 gram box - £25.00 (83p a cup)
  3. 80 gram box - £50.00 (63p a cup)
You can find Matcha green tea powder in other places such as Holland & Barretts and it may be cheaper but I really love how passionate Teapigs are about tea and they really do put a lot of thought and effort into finding and choosing the finest quality organic Matcha. I absolutely love it and I can safely say Teapigs Organic Matcha has gained a new fan...

So what are you waiting for?! Why not join Teapigs and celebrate 'Matcha May'... Use discount code BLOGGERS12 to treat yourself to 15% off* and feel fresher and fitter in not time! P.S, don't forget to send me your recipes and/or pics of your favourite way of enjoying Matcha :)

*Code doesn't include gifts or already discounted items...


  1. I know you've written about tea but I didn't know that vita coco was available with tropical fruit....ahhhh I have to go and get this asap!!! It sounds yummy!

    As for the tea, it sounds pretty interesting and I like how it makes you feel awake and revitalised....definitely something to look into especially as summer is on the way!! :)

    Layla xxx

    1. Hi Layla, the Vita Coco tropical flavour is yummy...You need to try it! I think the tropical flavour is my fave for mixing in with the green tea - gives a really interesting taste that I can't really explain but quite addictive ;)

      Let me know if you try either of the drinks and what you think, lovely!