Sunday, 7 April 2013

Aromatherapy Associates - Hydrating Rose Face Mask Review

Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Rose Mask £36
I came across a 50ml tube of the hydrating rose face mask by Aromatherapy Associates in this month's issue of Red Magazine and it had to come home with me... In fact I got a bit carried away and bought two copies with the mask in them which essentially meant I had the full size for £8 instead of £36 for 100ml RRP and a free magazine - BARGAINOUS!

I was tempted to get the Rose Cleanser from the range instead of 2x masks but I've got so many to use up already and I just love a good face mask. So in all, you could get with the Rose Face Mask (50ml), Rose Cleanser (30ml) or the Rose Moisturiser (30ml), the latter being the most expensive at £54 for 100ml whilst the cleanser comes in at £24 for 200ml.

Clear water-like texture
I've never previously tried anything from AA before so I was pretty excited and this is the one product that I would have bought first if I'd have made a purchase beforehand. I've read lots of good reviews and seen it in a few magazines so my hopes were high indeed.

The texture of the mask is very liquid-y  and almost turns to water open applying. Nothing wrong with this, I quite liked it. Like water also it's transparent completely which was one of the key features for me as it was a big contender for my in-flight pamper session that i've got planned. It spreads easily and you don't need much to cover the entire face. It looks very much like you've splashed your face with water once applied but this dries relatively quickly - around 3-5 minutes until it has disappeared and gone invisible - no shine or residue. To be honest it doesn't look or feel like you need to wash anything off! The only negative thing is that it leaves my face rather tight once applied and when washed off. Odd considering it is supposed to 'moisturising and renewing'... Having said that I did enjoy using it and my skin felt clean and toned with a subtle rosy scent lingering. The aroma for me is just right - I love rose scented products but if it's too strong they end up making me feel nauseous or give me a headache so a big thumbs up for getting the scent spot on.
Just applied - gone within 5 mins
Unfortunately i'd have to rate this mask 5/10 when i was almost sure it would have been an 8 at least, it sounded perfect. The main point was that it was supposed to be moisturising and I really felt like this made little or no difference to my moisture levels but it was a pleasure to use and did sooth my face.

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