Monday, 27 May 2013

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Organic & Gorgeous...
Natural Soya Wax Candle...
I've spent a lot of time researching organic skincare and beauty recently as I really want to refresh my makeup bag with more eco friendly and natural products. I'm starting to think of skincare and beauty products as food because whatever we put on to our skin eventually gets eaten up and ends up inside our bodies! If you wouldn't eat chemicals, why slather them on your skin waiting for them to be absorbed?! Making the transition to greener beauty isn't hard and I certainly haven't gone and thrown out my beloved must haves that don't meet the certified organic status, but by discovering brands like Willow Organic, I'm slowly finding new organic products that are replacing my old favourites :)
From left: Liquid Gold Face Oil £42, Fig & Wild Honey Candle £28 and Nourishing Night Cream £52
Willow Organic is Soil Association certified organic and was founded by Sue Stowell in 2006 who saw a niche for luxury organic beauty products. Now I love luxe and I can totally see how there's a gap for luxury in organic products/packaging. When i used to think of organic beauty products, I would see shabby/hippy-ish packing or just plain dark brown or blue bottles. There's nothing wrong with plain... Aurelia Skincare use the old fashioned brown bottles but have a simple yet sophisticated look. Same here with the Willow packaging; simple and elegant. It might sound vain but I like the products I buy to look appealing and it's fair to say these beauties will look lovely on my makeup desk. 
Beautiful candle...
 Isn't this candle just beautiful?! I cannot express just how much I love this candle from Willow Organic... I got the fig & wild honey fragrance which i wouldn't have opted for usually but I'm obsessed with the scent now! Not overpowering at all but very fragrant and unusual; it soothes me as soon as it has been lit as just looking at it is relaxing enough but in literally no time my room is filled with its divine scent. I think the rosebuds adorning the top of the candle look so natural and pretty. I'm definitely going to be stocking up on this when it finally burns out; it's made from natural soya wax and has an impressive 40 hour burn time! If I try another scent I think i'd go for jasmine & geranium or rose & sandalwood next as they sound lovely and are more typical of my usual picks but as i say, so very thrilled with the fig & wild honey candle.

Rose & Manuka Honey Nourishing Night Cream
I've never opted for anything too heavy in terms of night creams and this one from Willow is quite intense and creamy. I always get a fear of the dreaded breakouts from using anything too heavy duty but this wonderful cream goes on like a dream delivering maximum hydration overnight allowing you to slip off to the land of nod on what smells like a bed of roses! I'm a bit fussy with my rose scented items, some smell heavenly for the first five minutes before making me nauseous but this cream though quite strongly scented didn't become overpowering the longer I wore it, phew. I didn't experience one blemish whilst using this product, only seriously soft skin. Wowza!
Overnight Skin Food
Just look how creamy it looks n its tub... I think i may have found the perfect night cream! Rose oil and Manuka honey combined harness the power to visably plump and rejuvenate the skin whilst you sleep allowing for a brighter complexion when you wake. My skin felt radiant the next day after just the first use! Organic creams really do feel like they get to work on the skin much faster than chemical nasty products. I'd recommend this to anyone, as i have sensitive/combi skin so this isn't just for dryer/more mature skin types as a lot of people sometimes think when it comes to night creams. Don't delay looking after your skin; prevention is cheaper than the cure!
Liquid Gold Face Oil
I was a complete newbie to facial oils until a few weeks ago but now I wonder how i ever coped without them! I use them only on days when I feel I need that extra boost of moisture or when my skin is feeling and or looking a bit tired and in need of TLC. The Willow organic website states 'our miracle face oil will light up your skin and leave you with a dewy and radiant complexion' - quite a statement and set really high expectations in my mind. It certainly didn't disappoint and used every other night or atleast 2 x a week for me personally alongside my Willow night cream has definitely made a difference to the luminosity of my skin. I just feel like i'm glowing from within! It delivers a concentrated and intense hit of moisture so you wouldn't need to use it every night; unless you really suffer from dry skin. Again, a lovely rose scent lingers on the skin as rose oil is used but I find it to be much lighter than the cream so even when combined you still don't get an overpowering fragrance. 

For anyone wanting to introduce organic beauty into their daily routines, be sure to give Willow Organic a try! Investing in your skin and it will thank you in the years to come... 

Take a peep at the beautiful selection of organic beauty products available at Willow Organic and let me know if you've tried anything from the range or what you'd like to try soon! x


  1. The candle sounds gorgeous! I love that it's natural too :)

    Ria x

  2. I love a few things about this brand the fact that it is soil association organic the fact that is has such a good selection of products and the fact that it has that luxury feel to it, I have been eyeing them for a while but I will definitely buy something soon :) x

  3. The candle sounds absolutely to die for! Lovely review, I will have to give them a try x

  4. Great reviews! I love the Willow Organic bath oils and soaps x

  5. Natural organic beauty product then this is the best one. Statistics today discloses that more people, particularly women have preference for the organic beauty products compared to the natural counterparts. This is because the organic type is a safer alternative. Thanks.