Thursday, 2 May 2013

Review: SunSense - Daily Face SPF50+ Invisible Tint Finish

Fellow sun worshippers, it's time to get SunSense-ible... 

Spring has finally spring (about time) and summer is just around the corner, hurrah! If you're anything like me, you've already been making the most of this glorious sunny weather, whether that's out in the garden, in the local park or at the beach (lucky you!)... But did you use sun protection? 

SunSense Daily Face

Sadly, for a lot of people the answer to this question would be no. I used to hate using any form of SPF before I got a bit more sun savvy; I really disliked that greasy and thick texture that felt like it just sat on my skin without ever really sinking and clogging my pores. They would be good at their job in a sense that they would stop me getting sunburnt but I would soon be walking around with a blotchy and blemished face instead. Not a good look either, but yes, better than cancer. 

I didn't want to settle for second best and I've been on the look-out for SPF products especially for the face, that offers intense sun protection whilst letting my skin breathe...something light and oil free with a matt finish. That's where SunSense Daily Face comes in!

The Multitasking Facial SPF

SunSense Daily Face is an incredibly hard working SPF face cream priced at £18.50 for 75g which delivers the highest sun protection factor that you can get (50+) whilst the oil-free base and matt formula gives a lovely 'invisible tint finish'! I used to think that if you opted for the high SPF's that this would automatically mean the formula itself would have to be really thick and sticky to give such high sun protection, but this isn't the case if you find the right products! This is why I'm so glad I got to try Daily Face.

It really is a holygrail SPF face cream - I've been using it for the past week every morning underneath my usual makeup and I've had no trouble with breakouts or general irritation of the skin, at ALL! I was almost certain by the end of the week I would have at-least one massive angry blemish to teach me for dabbling with SPF again but thankfully Daily Face passed the sensitive skin test with flying colours!

Before + After Swatch

Daily face is quite the nifty multi-tasker! Besides offering high factor sun protection it also has the added benefit of moisturising skin and preventing premature skin ageing. Now i'm the fussiest person on the planet when it comes to moisturisers, but I didn't find this overly moisturising, it felt nice and light which is why it's not only suitable for normal skin but combination and acne prone skin too. It still took a bit of getting used to as it's definitely more moisturising than my lightest of light moisturisers that I currently own! 
As you can see from the swatches, the consistency is creamy but light and quite fluid almost. You might be able to see from the  picture to the right with the splodge that it appears to be melting at the bottom showing how light formula really is. Don't be put off by the colouring as it does look a little light but it blends into the skin perfectly and becomes a sheer/invisible veil of protection against the elements. As you can see from the picture where i've blended it in, there is no shine or filmy residue left behind. It sank straight in and left a dewy, radiant glow in its tracks. I always set nearly everything with finishing powder as my skin tends to eat whatever I put on it or turn it shiny within a few hours so I did use my Chanel translucant powder over the top but you could definitely get away with wearing this alone for a fresh-faced summer look, definitely. I just powder out of habit!

It's all too easy to be lax about slathering on the SPF, especially when those rare and unexpected sunny rays take you by surprise and you get lost in the moment, but it's so important! When you consider than malignant melanoma cases in Britain have more than quadrupled in the past 30 years and unsafe sun exposure is the leading factor in this type of cancer developing in the first place. Sun ages the skin and can make us old before our time... If that doesn't have you reaching for the SPF, then nothing probably will! But if you are planning to purchase some soon, be sure to check out SunSense, it's not Australia's No:1 sunscreen for nothing people!

You can purchase SunSense Daily Face John Lewis for £18.50 or from Crawford Healthcare which currently has 15% off RRP  on the entire range right now! I've found it discounted on Amazon for £12.23 too! No excuses ;)


  1. This looks like a fab product. I recently got told I had a bit of sun damage on my cheeks even though I hardly ever go in the sun so I definitely think this would be a good product for me :) x

    1. Definitely, as it's the highest factor you can buy at the moment, so no more nasty sun damage! Really was a pleasure to use :) x

  2. I am going to get this! I was only out in the sun for a bit today and I can already seen my skin patches going darker already :( SPF20 isn't enough for my face anymore sadly. Have you used this when out running? Just wondering what its like when sweaty? odd question I know but hate having anything irate my eyes! lol I do like Instiut Estderm (cant spell it) but it reacts with make-up so its really beach only on the face - that stuff blocks everything!

    1. I wore it whilst running and no slippage and I do get a bit hot and sweaty as running isn't my forte ;) Obviously it depends how much you sweat but for how well this sank into skin and didn't feel like an oil slick afterwards I'd say you should be pretty safe with it. If you're worried and don't mind wearing a bit of powder I'd definitely recommend setting it maybe just before you head out! x

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  4. I really like the idea of this. I got a baby 10g sample in my Glossybox this month, and I can't wait to try it out. My only problem is, whereas most people have a lot of redness in their T-zone, mine is firmly concentrated on the entirety of my cheeks, spreading from my apples to the very bottom of my face, so I can't get away with pretending it's just a natural pretty flush. I'm using MAC's Pro Longwear concealer at the moment to cover up my cheeks, but I wind up looking so made up with my cheeks covered in makeup. Ah well. I'm really looking forward to trying this out tomorrow.