Thursday, 30 May 2013

Greenwood Organics: Natural & Handmade Pampering Duo!

"Always natural, always organic..."

My Powerful Pampering Duo
That's the statement that Zoë Greenwood, founder of Greenwood Organics promises to every single customer. Zoë has harnessed the benefits of blending ethically sourced organic oils to create a powerful range of products that nourish and care for your skin, no matter what skin-type you are or what stage in life you're in; there's something for you.

One of the main things that drew me to Greenwood Organics is the fact that their products are handmade in England and contain only the finest organic oils and ingredients that can be found. There's something wonderfully comforting and reassuring about supporting local brands... Although I do own and continue to purchase products from elsewhere, I hold a special place in my beauty cabinets (yes plural, I can never have enough storage!) for English beauty products to sit with pride :)
Intensely Nourishing Face Mask
Each potent essential oil that goes into a Greenwood Organic product like my Jasmine & White Clay Mask, is carefully chosen for it's powerful effect on the mind, body and soul. The products go so much further than just nourishing the skin; it really is like bringing the spa home as I felt so relaxed and soothed after an evening of pampering with my Greenwood Organics duo.
Oh So Creamy...
The mask I've been using is £20 for 50ml and you only need a small amount to cover the entire facial area - it really glides across the face easily thanks to the creamy texture. French white clay helps to stimulate and tone the skin and is blended with rose water, sunflower oil and vitamin E to thoroughly cleanse and care for the skin. The main thing I loved about this mask is how nice a change it is to use a mask that doesn't dry out and feel tight after a few minutes! It never really dried but you could still feel it working its magic. I felt a slight tingling sensation around 2-3 minutes after applying but it was only light and went away for the rest of the duration. I left the mask on for the full 15 minutes but you can have a quick facial needing only 5 minutes for this little beauty to do its work. Jasmine is something of an obsession of late with me; if a product has jasmine oils in it, it's pretty much sold to me! I find the scent so soothing. The scent of this mask is nice and light and also unlike any of the jasmine products i already own - it smells divine and you can definitely smell the rose water mixed in there. After use, my skin felt so very soft, that's the main thing I noticed straight away. I like that it doesn't strip my skin whilst cleansing and that I'm left feeling balanced and soothed after.
Scent-sational Salts! Trust Me...
The product that really blew me away and has secured me as a new fan of Greenwood Organics is the Rosemary & Juniper Bath Salts... I've never smelled something so intensely refreshing! The scent upon opening the tub and taking a whiff is really quite powerful but in a good sense! When it comes to bath products, I'm usually disappointed by how lovely something smells in its container but smells of thin air once tipped into the bath. Not the case here. When I was opening this product, I eagerly stuck my nose almost straight into the salts and was quite pleasantly shocked at the aroma that shot straight up it! This product uses Dead Sea Mineral salts and Epsom salts  which are great for detoxing and have been to known to help diminish dimples/cellulite so i'm going to be using this on the run up to my holiday to help me get bikini ready. These salts are also excellent for when you're feeling a little rundown or have any aches and pains. The magnesium from within Epsom salts is a great muscle relaxer! This 250g pot should last me a few more baths, maybe a total of 5 baths and you could possibly make it last longer depending on how much you pour in - a handful or two is recommended. I can't believe they're only £9.00 most places I've come across selling similar retail them at around £25 so these are just a bargainous buy and it's nice not to be ripped off for something that actually works! Literally cannot praise these salts enough... If you try one thing from Greenwood Organics today, you have to try these bath salts.

I can pamper guilt free in the knowledge that once I have finished my products, I can easily recycle the violet glass jars at a bottle bank or clean and re-use for storing other things in. I think I'm going to thoroughly rinse my face mask jar out and try my hands at making a home-made face mask concoction myself! If anyone has any lovely recipes for me try, do let me know and don't forget to check out Zoë's natural and handmade range of beauty products over on Greenwood Organics :)

BB x


  1. What a lovely looking brand, I really like to support UK brands :) x

  2. these products look beautiful I too love British brands x

  3. Ooh! these look amazing! I love Greenwood Organics, I already use the cleanser and exfoliator but would love to try the face mask :-) x Remie