Monday, 30 August 2010

'Dead Beautiful' - Vamp Lips Courtesy of Dior.

Achieve super sexy vamp lips with Dior Addict Lip Color in Pinstripe Plum 989 (£21.50) & Ultra Gloss in Black-Tie Plum 982 (£19.50).

Dark plum lips as seen on the runway at Proenza Schouler.

Psst...Some tips

*Keep your lips in tip top condition, so that the finished look is the best it can be. Use a good quality lip scrub to buff away flakyness and leave lips smooth. Try Bodyshop's Lip Scuff £7.50, as some can get pretty expensive, like Benefit's Lipscription at £23.00, it works just as good! If you have dry chapped lips, invest in a creamy lip balm because any flakes and you won't get an even coverage.
*I'd say this is a MUST - use a primer. I use Mac's Prep & Prime lip primer £10 which conditions the lip and creates a silky base for the lip colour to adhere to. It really does make lipstick last much longer and glides on easily.
*If you want to pout like the pro's at Proenza Schouler, try dabbing at the lips with your index finger to make to give a stained effect for ultra va-va vampness!

A word of warning before I begin, this look really isn't for the faint hearted! As you can see, this lip colour is very dark and intense, not to mention perfect for A/W10! There's two big lippy looks for fall this year, and they are the polar opposites of each other - buff nudes Vs super dark vampy shades. I've gone for the dark lip because, well, I've just never tried it before! When I had my nose in the August issue of Vogue, I saw lots of dark plum/berry lips, and models pouted perfectly vamp lips at on of my fave designer catwalks: Proenza Schouler.

I just had to have the matching gloss when I saw it glittering at me from the Dior counter. It is the exact same shade but when applied over the top of Pinstripe Plum it gives such a creamy and intense shade. The glitter gives the lips a pop, even though by now your lips will need no help standing out! FYI, this looks just as vamp applied alone, i'd describe it as giving the lip a just bitten look. Just look at this gloss though...It's beaut!

I'm not too keen on the brush applicator. It feels a little stiff, but other than this, I can't fault it.

This swatch is of 'Pinstripe Plum' on its own, and you can see it's a very dark plum. The lipstick is the latest version of 'Prune Smoking' which was available last autumn. I don't know if it's exactly the same and why they changed the name, but it certainly looks the same. I find the colour to be highly pigmented, easily applied and doesn't feel heavy or thick on my lips. Weightless almost. It has a slight sheen to it, which I like. I thought I would want a matte lip, but trust me, this looks pretty matte when applied and the sheen is just the right amount to make it look fresh, and like I say, give you that just bitten pout.

This swatch shows Pinstripe Plum with a coating of Black-Tie Plum applied over to achieve an ultra glossy vamp lip. You can see the little shimmery bits of glitter mixed in, the camera doesn't do them justice. It really does look dazzling with them mixed in. The gloss I would say isn't necessary for the vamp look but it really does make the colour so very intense and creamy. If you like to wear gloss then it's perfect but if you like lippy then it's fine to wear Pinstripe Plum alone. Both are vamp enough to wear alone, but the lipstick is matte and kind of more catwalk statement whilst the gloss gives the look a more polished and sexy finish.

There are so many cheaper alternatives available to achieve this look, so don't be put off by the price! I splurged on these with my birthday money and I had like £20 in Debenhams reward points. Revlon's ColorBurst lippy in Plum £7.99 and Mac's Cyber £12.50 are two fab vamp lip shades.

Much Love


  1. Amazing colours, much love (L)
    That's the kind of lipstick I usually wear (: maybe not together with smokey eyes or i'd look like a clown!

    xx Simonne

  2. those colors are so gorgeous! i usually wear nude or light pink lipsticks, but these are to die for. definitely think i need to start breaking out of my color zone and try something bold :)

  3. wow great colors would be awesome if you post pictures of yourself with them !!!

  4. such a gorgeous color!! i think i need to try the dark side hehe :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. This is what my new MAC lipstick is like. :) x