Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Matte Is Murder - The Original Matte Polish by ManGlaze ™

I was put off trying matte polishes for a while after hearing many negative reviews on their quality and lifespan. A lot of matte shades have been said to dry and go gloopy on the brush before you've even finished painting your nail and supposedly chip very easily. To me this sounded like a waste of money; why would I want to buy a matte polish that wasn't very fun to apply and then not even last very long once applied?!

But hurrah! My curiosity got the better of me after reading a review on Twitter, a month or so ago. The twitpic of the nails after applying Matte Is Murder just looked so frickin' good, i knew there and then I had to atleast try it for myself.

I purchased Matte Is Murder and Fuggen Ugly, I thought i might aswell seeing as the shipping cost as much as a polish and save me having to pay twice if I liked it :p Which i kinda knew i would. The website to purchase ManGlaze's polishes from is http://www.manglaze.com/buy.html, I had a little look on eBay but to my dismay I couldn't find any bargains, or any ManGlaze items at all, so unless you live in America you'll need to purchase direct from their website. Delivery to the UK took around 3weeks for me, but that included a bank holiday, so i'd say around 2-3 weeks. I did get intouch with ManGlaze in the end, fretting that my parcel was lost with how long it was taking, but they replied very quickly and assured me they would get my polish to me irregardless which was reassuring.

Anyway! ManGlaze, although it sounds like it is, is NOT just for men! Hell no. Matte Is Murder is divine. It is effortlessly edgy and versatile - i just love how you can dress it up with some gloss for a more glam look, or wear it alone for some rock chick appeal. On first glances, the polish black polish swimming around inside the bottle sparkles from the flecks of shimmer mixed in. This surprised me somewhat, that it looked too shimmery/slightly glittery to be matte and edgy. But once applied it leaves you in no doubt as to whether it is just another gloss or a quality matte polish. The application with the thin standard looking brush was effortless and it just went on like a dream. I did need two coats just to be sure that there would be no patches showing through and to ensure a full bodied colour. I was equally surprised at how fast it dried Matte, it seriously just transforms right infront of your very eyes from wet looking to uber Matte in 10-20seconds! In terms of its longevity, i can honestly say it did me proud, as I didn't apply a topcoat, preferring the edgier look with no gloss which lasted me around 7 days. This might seem short to some people but i use my hands ALOT at work and i'm pretty sure that if it wasn't for my job my nails would have lasted a good few days more.You can buy topcoats for matte nails but I didn't bother as it really is super chip-proof!

I really cannot fault this Matte polish at all. It irritates me to think that ManGlaze were the 'original' creators of matte polishes and then lots of big brand names jumped on the bandwagon and made poor quality copies. Atleast that seems to be the general opinion, I guess i'd need to buy and try some to see if this is the case, but then again, why would I when i have Matte Is Murder in my stash? :)


  1. Not a big fan of matte polishes myself to be honest but this is really gorgeous on... I guess black is one colour that looks bloody awesome with a matte finish :)

  2. not seen the matte polishs before but me likey! I'm new to your blog but really enjoying it! x

  3. that looks pretty cool, i would def wear that! i have the lv monogram and i always have to be careful with it. since the speedy is to be worn on the elbow, it rubs against my hip when walking and if i'm wearing denim the color starts to fade onto the leather. also, i don't keep the lock on the tab because the hole stretches out and the metal leaves a mark. the canvas is pretty durable and i love the way it moves, feels and the way it falls when carried, like the wrinkling and all that. it's just the leather you have to be careful with. i hope that helps! :)