Saturday, 7 August 2010

O.P.I's Lincoln Park After Dark - Vamp Nail Polish...ღ

This is my all time favourite polish - the uber vamp Lincoln Park After Dark, by O.P.I (£9.95). I actually first came across this colour in September 2009 after looking up one of my fave celebs signature dark nails in The Hills, Lauren Conrad. She keeps her nails pretty short and squared off too, which i was pleased about, as i can't leave my nails to grow long due to my work. It'd just be impossible, *sigh*. On a more positive note, i felt that keeping the nail short and straight gave the polish and overall look a more rocky/edgy feel. In my picture to the left i am wearing some falsies in order to give you guys a better idea of the colour etc as there's more to colour in than on my own nails, and will do in many of my piccies.

The vampish nails and makeup began hitting magazines and catwalks around fall and in sync with Steph Meyer's New Moon movie release, coincidence i think not, and vamp mania began. Either way, it all fell in perfect timing for winter when i ditch the bronzed and beautiful look for pale and interesting. The polish stood in contrast to the paleness and broke it up a bit. It was also a perfect choice for me as i was wanting to go dark but not too dark, as in black. Even though it's not black it is still very dramatic, i can only describe the colour as the darkest aubergine purple with a hint of dark cherry. I felt it needed two coats for an even application and to get the desired dark colour but i think this can be said for most dark polishes. If you want more of the cherry hue to shine through, i'd suggest that you don't layer it on too thick, as this only makes it appear darker. In my pic i've given my nails a generous one coat as i found that with my usual two coats it appeared black on my photo's so, although it looks a little streaky on my nails it shows the colour a little better for you. It looks fine with two coats in normal lighting, just not on my camera.. Chips would show straight away with this colour so be sure to use a quality topcoat; i used Nails Inc's Kensington Caviar 45 Second Topcoat, £11.00 and my polish lasted around 7 days. Without my trusty topcoat this polish wouldn't last out the day, i'm always using my hands, but there's no excuse not to use a topcoat as the shine it gives from the dark colour just looks super glossy, i love it.

Although a tenner is more than what some people want to spend on a polish, i would definately recommend this as an investment to any gals beauty stash. It is dramatic enough to make a statement on its own and can also be teamed with dark vampy eyes or blood thirsty red lips - never both! Remember to choose one or the other or it can look like overkill guys. Little really is more when it comes to some makeup looks, and you'll be surprised with the effect you'll get from just concentrating on one or two areas with vamp makeup.

In terms of wearability, personally, i feel i can wear it with most things and at any time yet some people may feel daunted by the deep shade and if you are pretty new to painting nails it can be a tricky colour to apply without hitches. But don't give up, any slips can be easily corrected with a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover and dabbed away.

I'm giving this polish 5/5 - it's my signature colour which i always turn back to ♥


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous colour ! Might have to go and order this one , looks a perfect colour for fall !
    Great post hun
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    Much love Eloise xoxo

  2. This looks gorgeous. I almost got it last time I was in Sally's but China Glaze was on 3 for 2 so I ended up getting those instead. I got a deep purple China Glaze shade, it's called Evening Seduction, and it's cute but def not a dupe. It's almost black with 2 coats. I still think there's room for LPAD in my collection!

  3. i've only recently gotten into nail design and your blog is making my addiction so much worse! i think i'm going to go for the similar eyeko colour as there's a discount... i think.


  4. This is one of my favorite colours too!

  5. I love this color! It's so dark and deep.

    xoxo, Ashley

  6. Hot color!It reminds me of lincoln park after dark which was one of my favorite opi hues.

  7. Thanks for the tip love! will have to purchase! I am awful when it comes to nail varnish, cant put it on, if I of it chips so thank you for giving me encouragement!

    Colours are lush for winter as well

    love kerry


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  9. I get this on my nails every few trips to the salon - it is heavy rotation! And I agree a good top coat is necessary! Love the blog! New follower!

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  11. Love dark colors like this!

  12. love that color! sporting an OPI color myself right now :)

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  13. love this color you nails look great !!!
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