Thursday, 5 August 2010

The affordable alternative to Chanel's 'Particuliere' polish ❤

If you are like me, you'll have seen Chanel's 'particuliere' polish in magazines, talked about on the t.v and blogged about on the internet - (it is THE shade of the summer!) and you'll have been doing some research into a more affordbale version of this darker than usual creamy nude polish. Well in March, I saw a tweet announcing that Instyle Magazine had got together with Nails Inc and were giving away 3 different shades of polish. These polishes are £10.50 in the store but I got them with the magazine for £3.60! Bargain or what?!

There was Mink; a classy dark nude that wouldn't look out of place from Nails Inc's Griege collection. Then there's Beach; a bright vibrant coral red, and Candy - as the name suggests a candy pink. I didn't even need to think twice about which shade i was going to get... Mink was the kind of shade that had been on my list of lusthaves for sometime but I am trying to save up for a holiday so i've been biding my time. And thank God I did :) I was tempted to buy Candy too, but i've already got the bubblegum pink shade in O.P.I's Pandamonium Pink from the Hong Kong collection.

Mink is a beautifully sophisticated nude and is on trend with the likes of the most famous polish for the summer; Chanel's 'particuliere'. I nearly bought 'particuliere' a few times, as i just couldn't find a shade that looked similar and was affordable but still high quality. Both shades are darker than what most people think of as nudes and are not the typical pale beige. I have a an olive-y skin tone and i find that 'Mink' suits me perfectly. To be honest, i think it's a good all-rounder, and should suit nearly all skintones.

It gives off a very grown up and classy style, I feel like i want to don a pencil skirt, ruffled blouse and chic glasses before heading off to my swanky office! Who knows, maybe it highers your IQ too?! Hmm. Either way, i'll definately be wearing it to work and would feel confortable wearing it to an interview as it's not in your face but still screams grown up glamour. It really is very beautiful in a subtle way, and makes your hands look perfectly preened.

The only downfall i found was the brush is a bit hit and miss. I don't know whether mine is just a little out of shape but it didn't apply as smoothly as i'd have liked (or expected) from Nails inc. I found it hard get the right amount spread evenly on the nail, and the polish itself felt a little gloopy/thick. I ended up rushing to try and even out the gloop before it dried and this made it a little unenjoyable to apply but the end result is worth it. the shade is just what i wanted to so i'm willing to overlook these little niggles. I suppose the advantage of the thick feeling of the polish is that you'll definately not need more than two coats, if you are used to applying polish you may even get away with one if you master the brush!

The pictures i have taken do not have a topcoat on them, yet they still look ultra glossy huh? BUT! I emplore you not to miss this step as it will make them even more glossy (I know, right?!) and protect your polish from wear and tear, allowing you to enjoy this lush shade for even longer. So, wat are you waiting for? Hit up eBay and see if you can add this perfect polish to your collection too!

Much Love to all my beautiful bloggers



  1. Love this color! I've definitely been thinking of toning down the bright pinks I've been wearing all summer.

  2. Fabulous color! I have some Chanel polishes and they don't go on as nicely.


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  4. its a great color, i want it!

  5. that colour is fantastic! very chanel indeed! your blog is awesome! keep up the good stuff and ill be back for sure!

  6. Beautiful colour. Love how soft it looks. Very similar to Chanel. Definitely a good alternative!