Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review: Sampar So Much to Dew Midnight Mask

Sampar's "Midnight Mask" Review Winter skin doesn't have to be dull and dry when you use the right products to keep it looking and feeling plump and hydrated. That's where Sampar's "Midnight Mask" comes in... I've tried lots of masks for all types of skin problems, intact, i'd go as far as to say i'm a bit of a mask junkie; I can't get enough. But if I had to narrow my beauty products down, this mask would definitely still be in my cosmetic cupboard! This mask is designed to be applied in the evening and worn over-night whilst you sleep so that it can really get to work at replenishing your skins moisture barriers.  It is paraben and fragrance free making it super skin friendly and is aimed at all ages and skin types so as universal as it gets.
The brush applicator is so soft and makes applying the "Midnight Mask" a real treat, it doesn't irritate and smoothes out the product around the entire face evenly and in no time. You may want to clean it after use so that it feels just as soft and lovely when applying the next time but as long as you put the lid back on it should be fine for a few applications before it needs cleansing like any other of your makeup brushes.

The mask itself is just the right texture and consistency for me - not too thick and gloopy as I first expected such a moisturising mask to be. It sinks quite quickly into the skin and if you have oily areas like me, it doesn't just sit on top and add to the greasiness which I always look for in a moisturising product. So you apply a generous layer, wait a few mins whilst the majority sinks in (you don't want to waste it all on the pillows...) and then get some beauty sleep so you look extra gorgeous when you wake in the morning! After I washed the mask off in the morning for the first time, I could definitely feel the difference in my skin - it felt more comfortable and I noticed it did look a little more plump than usual. Nothing major as I don't think my skin needs plumping at this stage in my life but that chapped rough feeling the cold winds and central heating usually give my skin were all drastically improved after using this product. My skin is happy again :)

You can buy this skin saviour from MarksandSpencer.com for £34.00

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