Monday, 1 July 2013

Jax Coco - My Ultimate Healthy Beach Tipple

The Drink of Life...

I recently got back from holiday and I can safely say after spending hours on the beach slowly sipping a bottle of chilled Jax Coco I'm a total coconut water convert! I've dabbled with the stuff before but none have been as refreshing or, let's face it, pretty on the eye as Jax Coco's delicious coconut water. 
Beach Essentials...
This drink quickly became a must have for my beach essentials...The simple and uber chic bottle looks so inviting and you can tell just by looking at it that the contents are going to pure and natural. 100% pure coconut water is within the bottles or tetra packs that you can get and some of my main reasons for going coconut crazy are:

  1. This beverage is naturally free from fat, gluten, cholesterol, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Hoorah!
  2. It is super low in calories - there's just 18-24 per 100ml compared with 48 calories that can be found in orange juice... There's only 70 calories per 330ml serving.
  3. It is also natural isotonic and contains FIVE essential electrolytes to keep you feeling refreshed and hydrated no matter where you are and what you are doing!
Jax Coco Keeping Me Hydrated At South Beach, Miami
For me, replacing lost fluid and electrolytes due to my sun worshipping ways was crucial for me to enjoy being out in the blazing sun and heat without feeling run down and dehydrated afterwards. This stuff works! The taste of coconut water isn't for everyone - my partner hates the stuff, especially the non-flavoured versions like these but I love the natural taste of coconut water. Maybe it's an acquired taste but I insist you try Jax Coco for the amazingly crisp and fresh taste of pure and natural hydration.  Drinking it now reminds me of being on SoBe... if I close my eyes i'm half way there! ;)

You can buy from Jax Coco direct here...


  1. I've never had coconut water. I'm not really sure what it would taste like (obv coconut :P) I might have to give it a try now :) Xx

  2. Amazing post I love coconut water this one looks really fancy though :) xx