Saturday, 27 July 2013

Take me to the beach...

Orlando + Miami, June 2013

If you really know me then it'll come as no surprise to you that i'm totally obsessed with summer and all that it entails; long hazy days, unleashing your summer wardrobe and my fave part... getting ready to hit the beach! It's taken me a while to get around to uploading my holiday pics but it's been a month since I was in my most favourite place in the whole world so I think it's about time. Bikinis at the ready!
Starbucks cuppery
Shameless Bikini Selfie
I know that my bikinis aren't for everyone due to budget but seriously, you really can tell the difference... They just feel like they're holding everything where it's supposed to be and the fit is amaze... The green Odabash bikini a bit below was £160 but I got it for free after winning a twitter competition and I'm in-love. 
Agent Provocateur monochrome Mazzy bikini
ahh, The Mazzy...where do I start. I was eyeing it all last year in the 2012 orange and black colours and  I went cray and bought it this year. Everyone has their vices! It's just a stunner.
Melissa Odabash Nevis triangle bikini 
South Beach
My fave place on earth... The beach is just beautiful and it's quite the place to people watch. It really is like the movies, so glam and full of the rich, beautiful and famous. The old ego takes a bashing when you're eating all you can eat buffets and there's a 6 foot skinny blonde with big boobs a few loungers down from you though....
I ate so much fro-yo whilst on hol! I miss it SO much, why is there nothing quite the same unless you live in LDN?! Pfft. I always have gummy bears and some form of chic drops or yoghurt drops. God damn, now i want some! :O
Martini time
Copious amounts of cocktails were slurped... my fave martini from Tony Romas in Orlando...
Wildfox crop top
I love Wildfox and their stuff is just too perfect for holiday clobber! Crop tops for the day, beach dresses for coverups and baggy snuggly jumpers for the flight. Again, sales of WFx are everywhere! This is the 'My Boyfriend Is A Cowboy' tie crop.
South Beach lifeguard hut
Brassy blonde hair after sunning
I usually hate that brassy ginge blonde look but for some reason it actually looked OK on holiday. Maybe the tan and the warmth went together but back in drab old Britain I just feel meh. It kind of looked a lovely strawberry blonde that day. Purple shampoo is doing the job again.
Jin Soon polish in Blue Iris
This Jin Soon nail polish in Blue Iris is simply the most vivid blue I own and my first ever Jin Soon purchase! I wanted Tea Rose also but it was sold out - the gorge salmon colour. Wah!
Before tidying up smudges... 
Some of my makeup and beauty buys
I always come back with a wide variety of makeup bits and this isn't even the whole lot. Infact, it was as I was taking this picture that I realised I was missing my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and MAC lippys and case that I bought in the bargainous Cosmetic Company! Urghh. Then I got jibbed and sent a bill of £53.82 to have it shipped back.... ERR. I got my own way and was refunded in the end and got my pretty bits back. WIN!
My beloved Micheal Kors 'Selma' handbag and pink purse....
Glmaour magazine called it the 'Holygrail of handbags'... I concur! The structuring, the colours that you can get... The Selma has it all. I got this white version with a $100 off making it around $260 whereas it was being sold in the UK for £330. It had to come back with me. And the purse. And the hotpink iPhone purse (not pictured). I have a problem.
South Beach, nr Wet Willies Bar
Crazy Golf
Take me back!! Roll on Barbados...


  1. Look like you had a great holiday! I love the black and white bikini its stunning , although knowing me if i bought it i'd somehow ruin it ! Noted it down though just incase i'm feeling adventurous!
    You looked great blonde!

    Eloise | xo

  2. Omg love all your pics!!! When you come down here again we should meet!! :D I live in Miami.
    It would be cool :)