Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dr Bragi's Marine Enzyme Intensive Treatment Mask

Thirsty Skin? Look no further...

Yesterday I flew long haul to Florida for around 9 hours and anyone who has ever flown before will know that your skin gets really dehydrated and sore during and after a flit, even short ones. I was actually planning on testing the Dr Bragi Marine Enzyme Mask over the weekend but I'm so glad that I saved it for a post flight pick me up back at the hotel!

This mask is very intensive as it states on the packet and delivered a real shot of moisture to my parched skin last night allowing me to get my glow back and be ready to hit the pool looking fresh again today... The mask is a made from fabric with cut out sections for your eyes, nose and mouth area; you apply to the face by smoothing it around your eye contour and then the rest of the face should follow suit. This mask aims to "rapidly target redness, dehydration, loss of firmness and premature ageing" and once used your skin should look and feel more radiant and plump. It is recommended for stressed or fragile skins but this mask is definitely fab for all skin types too that need a little boost from time to time.

The mask looks a little scary but you can see there's plenty of room for your mouth and eyes etc. I left my mask on for the full amount of time, around 10-15 minutes and before I went to bed for optimal results. I loved how nourishing it felt whilst on - the fabric was soaked and clung to the skin but didn't drip. Once I was ready to take the mask off I found that I needed to tissue off some excess product that had accumulated around my lower cheek/chin area but I left it quite moist to really give my skin the moisture it so desperately needed. It's now the morning and my skin feels super soft again... Phew!

You can purchase this Dr Bragi Treatment Mask over on the Dr Bragi official website for £8.33 for a single packer £20.83 for a triple pack.

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  1. The mask does look scary! But it sounds perfect - my skin is always terribly dry after any flight!