Monday, 3 June 2013

Chanel L'ete Papillon De Chanel Summer 2013 Collection - Azure Le Vernis, Jade Shore Stylo & True Blue Eyeliner Review

"The dazzling colours of butterflies inspire a joyful look for face and fingertips with the enchanting Summer collection" -

Lilis, Azure & Bel-Argus Le Vernis
I'm a total Chanel beauty junkie and I get very giddy at the announcement of their new seasonal collections! The Chanel L'ete Papillon De Chanel gave me plenty to get excited about, I mean, just look at those nail jewel-like nail polish colours! The  Le Vernis nail colours were the main products that really caught my eye about this collection and in my head I was already picturing myself wearing the metallic blue 'Bel-Argus'... I've been searching for the perfect deep blue nail polish for what feels like forever!
Precious Parcel...
So I ended up making a few key purchases from the Chanel counter in Debenhams, Meadowhall, which had 10% off and £5 bonus points (for £40 spend) promotions on at the time so it was just too good to pass up! Read on to find out what I bought...

To my surprise, I didn't end up purchasing the 'Bel-Argus' Le Vernis! The Chanel assistant swatched the polish on her nails for me and it just didn't have that sparkle or intensity of colour like the 'Azure' Le Vernis I opted for instead. It just didn't end up looking as bright as it did in the bottle and it disappointed me a little. The 'Azure' however looked exactly the same on the nails as it did sat in its bottle - no difference whatsoever! So in all I made 3 purchases but I'm tempted to buy another 2... I also got some free samples on the day - Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux which isn't released until the 14th June and is a creamy eye gel to help with puffyness and dark shadows. The second sample was the Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser which smells heavenly! 

1. Azure Le Vernis - metallic blue-green £18.00
2. Jade Shore Stylo Eyeshadow - light shimmery sea green £23.00
3.True Blue Stylo Yeux Waterproof - turquoise blue £19.00
Azure Le Vernis
As you can see from the very first picture in my post of the three polishes together, the lighting plays an important role on how the polishes look. The Azure shade I went for is very bright and definitely makes me think of a beautiful butterfly's wings. In my pics when taken at home (the next two) it looks a little duller but I couldn't get the lighting right. You can still see the metallic blue-green shades playing against each other; it looks so magical. Unfortunately I haven't been able to use this yet as I started my new job today and opted for Chanel's 'Frenzy' shade instead... This will be on my nails in a week's time though when I shall be jetting off to Florida! Perfect for summer and will look fab agains a tan, like all of the range, to be honest.
True Blue Stylo Yeux
This is a close up of the waterproof eyeliner; 'True Blue'. It's mega intense and when it says waterproof... it means waterproof! I tried getting this eyeliner off with my usual face wipes and it barely budged! It calls for some pretty heavy duty makeup remover or an oil based cleanser. It was on the same day that I purchased this that I was tweeting my fellow beauty addicts for suggestions for waterproof eyeliners perfect for the beach. I had totally forgotten the launch was that day! So I went shopping intending to get the Clarins Turquoise eyeliner but i'm so glad I managed to get  this instead. 
Jade Shore Stylo Eyeshadow
The stylo eyeshadow pens are seriously amazing to apply! They actually seem to have a cooling effect on the lid, not sure if this is intentional or not but it feels lovely on. I only got the 'Jade Shore' as this was my favourite from the range and I was going for sea greens for my beach look but i'm now wishing I had picked up the 'Pink Lagoon' stylo too. I swatched it below under 'Moon River' whilst in the store with the rest of the products I purchased; it's a very warm fresh pink with lots of sparkle.
From top: Moon River, Pink Lagoon, Jade Shore Stylo Eyeshadows & True Blue Stylo Yeux
I didn't end up going with the 'Moon River' shadow as I've got plenty of similar shades. All are super shimmery but this doesn't mean they compromise on the colour payoff... All are very bright and eyecatching. 'True Blue' is at the very bottom and I wish I'd not rushed and done more of a swatch of that in their lighting as it's seriously lush.

Have you purchased anything from the range yet? Only a matter of time until the nail polishes sell out as usual but I'm really hoping to maybe purchase the 'Pink Lagoon' eyeshadow and the 'Blue Note' electric blue mascara. I was worried I wouldn't get my money's worth of use from the mascara as I can only imagine wearing it on holiday or very rarely on a sunny day in the UK but it looks great on from what i've seen in other blogs.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this collection lovelies! xoxo


  1. oooh such a selection of pretty colours!!

    Love the nail polishes and love the pencils....they look lovely and shimmery!

    Perfect for the summer months with a tan I think!! :)

    Layla xx

  2. Ooh sparkly!