Saturday, 2 October 2010

Get NAKED...Urban Decay's Naked Palette Review & Swatches

Better late than never...

Ta da! All hail this fabulous and most comprehensive nude palette I have EVER purchased! And (dare I say it..?) the BEST palette I've ever tried too.

There are 12 TDF shades to choose from, meaning endless opportunity for creating new looks for your eyes. There is also a mini Primer Potion and a double ended eyeliner in Whiskey (the brown liner) & Zero (the black liner). 'Naked' is a bit of contradiction here, although almost all of the colours are indeed nude, except for Creep and Gunmetal, the looks they can produce are in no way subtle or barely there. I mean, of course, you can create a perfect nude eye for work with this palette, but it is also ideal for dramatic eyes for evenings too!

So I thought i'd do some swatching so you can get to know all of these gorgeous shadows a bit better :) I used Mac's Prep & Prime (£16.50) on my arm because it is so creamy and I was covering a large area. As you can see from my fingertips after I used it, it's pretty shimmery, and can make your face look a bit greasy but that doesn't matter much when you've put foundation and powder on. It worked as a fab base for the shadows anyhoo!

Here's the first 6 shadows from left to right...
1. Virgin 2. Sin 3. Naked 4. Sidecar 5. Buck 6. Half Baked

These are the lighter half of the palette, definitely 'nudey' shades.

Now for the latter 6 shadows...

7. Smog 8. Darkhorse 9. Toasted 10. Hustle 11. Creep 12. Gunmetal

A noticeable change in depth of colour here, the latter half of the palette is much darker and can provide some really dramatic smokey eyes. I like how it has a black (Creep) and a grey (Gunmetal) for the classic smokey eye look, because I use these colours the most so it's nice to know they're there If I go out and fancy using them.

This is another pic of the last 6 shadows in different lighting showing the glitter.

I'm not a big fan of thick glitter particles in shadows, they just stick out and don't feel right. Sidecar & Gunmetal have these pesky particles but I've used Gunmetal and it doesn't have loads so it's subtle enough. My fave's are Naked, Hustle and Creep. I love them all but my least faves/used are Sin & Toasted. I think I just need to try them out a bit more.

I took my time in getting this palette because I was planning on using my holiday money when I went to Miami but I bought it in the 10% sale at Debenhams, making it about £24.00 from around £27. I didn't get it 'til last week. It was worth the wait though and I'll treasure this palette. I'll def be getting some more when I go to America again, as I hear it's Limited Edition in the UK. Boo.

The only thing that I think would make it better for me personally is a silver shadow because when I use Creep and Gunmetal for a dramatic smokey eye, I often use silver for the inner eyelid to soften the look. I know it's not a nude shade but, you know what, neither is grey and black :p

Much Love

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  1. I want this palette so bad! Lucky you!

  2. You've totally sold me on this, think i'm going to have to invest! x

  3. great review and lovely swatches! havent bought this palette yet because i have more than enough nude eye shadows (not that that's stopped me buying more in the past!) but it looks fab :)

  4. You do not realise how badly i want this palette lol :)
    I bring you great news also - you WON my giveaway :) So i will be e-mailing you shortly asking for your full name , address and your choice of mac lipstick - excluding l.e ones. So make sure you reply so i can get the prizes out to you as soon as possible :)

    Much Love Eloise xoxo

  5. Need your e-mail address hun so i can send you an e-mail :)

    Eloise xoxo

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  7. I really really really want this! It looks so pretty/

  8. amazing ; )) your pic are so very pretty ; ) i like it !!

    if, you want follow me :*** <3

  9. oh i love those colors! thank you for the comment! :) i actually just curl my hair, no products and with the hot shot tools tourmaline 1 1/4" barrel. if you search beyonce wavy hair by ashley victoria on you tube, that's how i curl my hair! make sure to do a post on your hair, i would love to see! also, it took me several times to get used to that method.

    megan rose