Thursday, 29 December 2011

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly...

Just a quick Xmassy update via some of the piccies i've taken over the festive season xoxo

Lulu The Xmassy Kitteh 

My dream bag gifted to me on Christmas Day...The Alexander Wang Rocco
 in pale gold hardware.  OMGAWD!

No Xmas is complete without a cute Hello Kitty present, no matter how
 old you are!

Wedgewood teacup + saucer. I love me some cute teacups!

Hotel Chocolat noms

Sinking candle at an old cute pub nearby.

Equally cute tradtional Xmas tree from same pub

Wildfox fringed 'Love Sick Cowgirl' poncho

Costa Yule Log

Eerie looking stairway at the Pit & Pendulum, Nottingham.
Found this place after a day of Xmas shopping with the bestie.

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  1. Lucky girl - gorgeous bag and I'm loving the tea cute!! X