Sunday, 15 May 2016

Rosie for Autograph Make-Up Review: Camisole Blush & Dolly Baby Lipsticks

For some bizarre reason, I have browsed the M&S beauty hall more than once since the Rose For Autograph makeup range came out and walked straight past. I'll admit that I am a beauty snob and I'm somewhat stuck in my (comfortable) rut when it comes to buying new makeup. I know what I like and the brands that deliver everything I need. I would have never really been that interested in the usual Autograph makeup so I just walked past, casting a second glance albeit at the pretty rose gold packaging but thinking 'nah' all the while.
From left: Camisole Blush & Dolly Baby Lipsticks £14 each
Around two weeks later I was shopping with a friend who covets cruelty free beauty and we found ourselves swatching the line of lipsticks from Rosie For Autograph and that's when I knew I had to own one... I didn't buy there and then, I went home and read some reviews and decided I would treat myself at the weekend.

I went in hoping to get hold of Lady Danger, the shade that RHW herself supposedly favours from the range but, alas, it was sold out alongside a few other key pieces such as the contouring sticks and cream blushes. I went for Camisole Blush which is a lovely muted nude, a kind of my lips but better shade and Dolly Baby which is a pretty playful pink. One of the best things about these lipsticks for me is the amazing magnetic snap-shut lid! I could play with it for hours :-) These lipsticks are advertised as "a hydrating, nourishing lipstick with a super-soft feel" and I can honestly say it ticks the box! I won't be so dismissive again... For £14 they aren't exactly cheap, on a par with MAC in price but definitely worth every penny.

Have any of you tried anything from this range yet? I'd love to hear what you think or recommend for me next :-)

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